We all know Salvador Dali for his works, the genius and the delirium that have characterized his artistic and private life. The Telegraph has compiled some curiosities of the painter, creator of dreamlike and surreal worlds that you probably don’t know yet. Salvador Dali was expelled from art school
To university professors who were trying to question Dali in art history, he replied by saying: “I find myself having to say that none of you professors are competent to judge me”. The reason for such impudence seems to be not so much ideological but rather tactical. In all likelihood, the Spanish artist wanted to continue to be supported financially by his father, so as to extend his time at university, instead of going to study in Paris at his expense. I almost suffocate explaining my own importance
Dali in the early part of his artistic career, during the 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition in London, gave a lecture wearing a diving suit for the sea to represent metaphorically, as he will later reveal, that he lived in a sea of ​​awareness. What his admirers didn’t immediately notice, however, is that Dali was suffocating inside the soundproof glass bowl he was in. Rather, they thought that his exaggerated gestures of him were an amusing part of the portrayal of him. Salvador Dali attracted to cauliflowers
In 1955 Dali returned to Paris from Spain in his white Rolls Royce Phantom II loaded with 500kg of cauliflower. The reasoning was, later declaring to an audience of 2,000 spectators, that: “everything ends in cauliflower!”. Three years later he will explain to American journalist Mike Wallace that he was deeply attracted to the “logarithmic curve” of the vegetable. His pets were also works of art
In the 1960s, Dali was given a tiger cub he named Babou, which the artist carried with him on a leash almost everywhere he went. Exemplary and the case in which he enters a well-known Manhattan restaurant with the animal. When one of his dinner companions became alarmed at the sight of the tiger, he calmly replied that Babou was a very normal cat that he had “painted in an artistic design”. The 5 most famous paintings by Salvador Dali
“The jealousy of other painters has always been the thermometer of my success”. A success, that of the immense Salvador Dali, who was actually overwhelming Dali married the wife of his friend
Dali met his beloved wife Gala in 1929, while she was still married to his friend and French poet Paul Eluard. Eluard is still peacefully figured as one of the witnesses to their marriage. A marriage that offended Dali’s family, however, because they disapproved of Gala, the mother of another man’s son and ten years older than the painter. On the other hand, Dali was immediately disinherited by his father. Salvador Dali remained loyal to Gala until his death
Dali and Gala remained together until her death, despite frequent extra-marital problems. In 1969 Dali bought a castle in Pubol, 50 miles from his home in Port Lligat, for his beloved one. He unnecessarily painted a portrait of Lawrence Olivier
Now considered in art circles to be more than a commercial painter, in 1955 Dali was commissioned to paint a portrait of Laurence Olivier for a film poster for Richard III, in which Olivier played the role of film director Sir Alexander Korda. However, the desired poster never emerged. Despite filming Olivier in the Shepperton studios, Dali refused to paint in England, which he calls “the most unpleasant place” and returned to Spain to complete the portrait. He has never traveled light
As soon as he arrived at New York Harbor for the second time in 1934, after wearing a life jacket for the entire train ride carrying all his paintings tied with a ribbon, Dali greeted the paparazzi with a huge loaf in his hand. It is useless to describe the dismay of him, the dismay of the photographers. He was not the ideal host on the game programs
Dali appeared as a guest in the 1950s game “What’s My Line”, in which contestants had to guess professions and names through questions. Dali, calling himself a universal expert and immodest, caused havoc during the game by claiming to be a writer, TV personality, athlete and cartoon artist at the same time. An exasperated competitor almost gave up, proclaiming: “There is nothing this man doesn’t do!”

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