Just over a month, 32 days to be exact from 10 October 2018 when, following the exoneration of Lorenzo D’Anna, he took up the position of coach of Chievo Verona , until 11 November and a draw for 2 -2 at home against Bologna. Gian Piero Ventura ‘s experience on the bench of the Venetian team lasted so long, and the return to Serie A of the former national team coach after two seasons lasted. Ventura, according to rumors, still struggles with the ghosts of the past, stress, all of Italy ready to mock him at the slightest mistake after the historic debacle of Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup .
Of course, then, the situation of Chievo is dramatic with zero points in the standings, starting from -3 disqualification, still dry of victories with the worst attack and worst defense of the championship. Yet, after three consecutive defeats, in the fourth game, Chievo Verona tore their first draw, but nothing helped to change Ventura’s decision, displacing the whole environment.
Ventura’s 32 days at Chievo Verona will not be celebrated and damned like Brian Clough’s 44 at Leed United or Paul Gascoigne’s 39 at Kettering, but there are those who did better (or definitely worse, it depends on the perspective) , staying at the helm of a team for much less time. Here is the top 5 :

8 days: Sinisa Mihajlovic at Sporting Lisbon
On 18 June 2018 Sinisa Mihajlovic signs with Sporting Lisbon and becomes the coach of the Portuguese team directly wanted by the president of the club Bruno de Carvalho. Eight days later, however, the Serbian coach is relieved of his post because the club’s management committee has decided to change president and to review the plans, including technical ones. For the former Torino coach, therefore, there was not even time to sit on the bench;

5 days: Ze Maria al Ceahlaul
The former Perugia and Inter full-back experienced a tragicomic comedy: the only coach to have been sacked twice in a week by the same team. It happened in Romania, where the management of the team proved not to have very clear ideas: Ze Maria, in fact, was sent away, recalled and then exonerated again, in just 5 days;

2 days: Marcelo Bielsa to Lazio
A legendary story between two strong and grumpy characters like Lotito and the coach Marcelo “El loco” Bielsa. According to the coach, there were no guarantees for the many promises made: the Lazio president and his staff, in fact, would not have respected the agreement to buy the five players requested. This is not done, and Bielsa, feeling disrespectful, resigned after only two days. Without even entering the Lazio offices;

1 day: Attilio Tesser at Cagliari
Zamparini, Preziosi… and Cellino. When one of these three coach-eating presidents makes a decision, the tale becomes epic. Attilio Tesser was coach of Cagliari in the 2005-06 season, but who remembers it
First game, on the eve of matchday one against Siena, president Cellino told him “let’s see if you are a lucky man”. Following the 2-1 defeat, the top manager of the island sacked him;

10 minutes: Leroy Rosenior at the Torquay
Unbeatable record. The shortest bench in history belongs to him. Rosenior had made arrangements with the English team Torquay and on 17 May 2007 he showed up to sign the contract. The time to go to the press conference and answer the questions of three journalists and the situation changes inexorably: the club owner sells 51 percent of his shares and the new president immediately decides his first move: obviously exonerate the coach .

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