Masks have become an indispensable accessory in our lives. If before we did not leave home without that beautiful pendant or that original handkerchief, this year it does not occur to us to step on the street without our mask. Most of us have already gotten used to them, because it is the only way (besides following social distancing measures and mobility restrictions) to avoid the rapid spread of the coronavirus. For this reason, although the masks have filled our faces with pimples (we have a solution for that), we have stopped wearing makeup as a result of their use and sometimes we are somewhat uncomfortable, we do not consider going out without our mask .
At this point in the pandemic, many firms have launched their own collections of reusable masks .Whether looking for originality, like the ones proposed by Rocio Osorno, betting on the cheap, like the Primark masks or the Lefties masks, or for the simple fact of generating the least environmental impact.
Be that as it may, the firms have not stopped innovating as far as massacres are concerned, especially when it comes to presenting models that, beyond being original, strictly comply with the regulations that guarantee our safety . The latest firm to do so has been Parfois, which after a study has just presented its new models of masks with improved features .
Covid-19 has transformed the mask into an essential item for individual and community safety. Thinking about these new needs, Parfois has included different models of reusable masks in its collection since May . With the aim of improving comfort of use, guaranteeing greater safety for its customers and betting on reusable alternatives with less environmental impact, the brand has been developing this project together with different suppliers to present new models with improved characteristics.

Three new proposals for masks
The most recent collection has three Anti-Viral Wise Mask proposals: Stress Relief, Breathe Better and Skin Care. The masks developed in collaboration with Wise Protec are made in the European Union and are made up of three layers with different properties that combine to offer protection, safety and comfort.
Tested in accordance with the UNE-EN 14683:2019 standard, they stand out for their qualities such as: shield against viruses and bacteria ; antimicrobial defense; breathability; technology that repels water; reusable mask up to 50 washes; Made of non-toxic material and safe for the skin.
In addition, this model has one more innovative feature. Each mask hasa fragrance with different properties . The Breathe Better model enhances the relief of the respiratory tract; the Skin Care model, with vitamin E and Q10, ingredients widely used for skin hydration; and the Stress Relief model, with 99.9% pure CBD, is presented as a relaxant of natural origin. All three models are available in black, with a different interior color.

Parfois masks for social use

In addition to the Anti-Viral model, the brand launches new references of the mask for social use – CWA 17553_2020. The collection has masks of different colors and shapes, according to the trends of this season. There are models with floral motifs that match other garments in the collection, such as dresses and hair accessories.
This model exists in two dimensions and is certified by CITEVE 9364A/2020 and CITEVE 4514/2020 as level 3 – Masks for social use. (tested according to standard: EN ISO 9237:7995).
In these models, the following specifications stand out: breathability, filtration capacity, 3 layers and reusable up to 15 washes. The new models of reusable masks are available in physical and online stores. In addition to masks, you can find different accessories to complete the look, such as mask straps and even key chains with a container for disinfectant gel.

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