As a general rule, for any room in a house to have a harmonious appearance, order must be its main characteristic. In the case of a small room, this quality should be made even more noticeable, especially if we want to avoid saturating the room and leaving room for chaos. One of the rooms in which we spend the most time is the living room (kitchens miss those big gatherings when friends come over and we end the evening among pots and pans) so most of our most beloved belongings are usually found there.
Books, photo frames, records, cutlery, crockery that we only use on Christmas Eve… Too many items for a room where we don’t want to have anything in between tonot break the harmony . Especially if it is a small room. Taking into account the dimensions of our small living room, we will have already carried out all the ideas and tricks to make the room seem larger than it is, but, for now, we still do not know what to do with so much gossip . Unless we get mad and the Marie Kondo spirit invades us, it is not part of our plans to get rid of our personal effects because, even if we do not use them too often, they are already part of our lives.
Given the lack of space in our small living room and the surplus of items, we need to look for (and find) storage spaces that are not only functionalThey must also have a sense of aesthetics to maintain the style of our room. If we had already listed their sales bargains and we had also recommended some of their colorful sheets to bring joy to the kitchen (or any room), now we have prepared a selection of Ikea furniture with which to gain storage space in a small living room and make functionality the key to style .
Chests of drawers that become side tables, a bathroom cabinet that is perfect for storing plates and glasses, and even chests of drawers that serve as chests of drawers are some of the storage proposals that we have found at Ikea and that can have a privileged place in your little room

A chest of drawers as a side table

The cutlery, tablecloths, mobile phone chargers that we store without knowing the reason… Too many elements that at sight can completely break the harmony of our living room. A small chest of drawers (which in another room could function as a chest of drawers) is the perfect solution to our space problem.
In its drawers we keep everything that bothers us at sight and on it we can place some of our favorite photos and a small pot to include some element of vegetation in the room. The Ikea chest of drawers is priced at 89 euros.

A stained glass bookcase
One of the main factors to take into account in a small room is the saturation of the space. In other words, we must play with the elements so that their arrangement in the room does not generate a great visual impact . In this sense, it is important to bet on the verticality of the furniture but with a medium height.
In addition, using furniture with glass or stained glass windows also helps to make the room lighter . Medium-sized and in white (a plus to save space), this Ikea stained glass shelf can be a good storage option. Of course, order must prevail within it. The one proposed in Ikea has a price of 120 euros.

A shoe cabinet type for the TV area
If our living room is small, it is also likely that the rest of the rooms will be too. Therefore, finding extra storage elements is key. The proposal of a comfortable shoe rack type for our living room is not unreasonable. Inside we can store both elements of the living room itself and another that in our room (damn shoes) we no longer fit.
When placing it so that it is perfectly integrated into the living room, it is advisable to place it in the television area, next to the low cabinet on which we have deposited the appliance. In this way, both pieces of furniture will become one. The price of the Ikea shoe rack dresser is 179 euros.

Wardrobe with glass for a small corner
No matter the size of the room, everyone has a small wasted corner because there is no room for any furniture. The time has come to take advantage of that hidden corner and place a glass cabinet in which to store small items.
This Ikea proposal, in addition to having ideal dimensions for a space like the one we propose, has the quality of giving the room a feeling of spaciousness thanks to the windows. The wardrobe is priced at 149 euros.

A chest of drawers as furniture for television

Most living rooms have their furniture located based on the sofa and the privileged place occupied by the television. We can take advantage of both conditions and instead of betting on the typical furniture for the television, it makesa dresser lowers the place on which we place it. This idea not only solves our storage problems at a stroke, it can also be an original way of giving prominence to that area of ​​the room . The chest of drawers is priced at 259 euros.

A chest of drawers with four drawers as an eternal joker No

matter how small our room is, we have to dress the walls so as not to give a feeling of emptiness . As we cannot place furniture that is too large but we need space to store our utensils, betting on a small chest of drawers, which stands out for its verticality, is always a recommended option. So that it is not isolated from the rest of the room, we can integrate it by placing personal elements such as photographs on it. The dresser is priced at 119 euros.


shelf A shelf, always from wall to wall, placed on the television (it seems to be the backbone of our living room) or on the sofa is a very good storage proposal. In addition, betting on one in which what we place in it remains hidden also offers us the possibility of relaxing with order.
On it, as in the image, we can always place personal elements that give an unmistakable stamp to our room. But it is not advisable to err on the side of excess so as not to saturate the room. The shelf is priced at 156 euros.

A dark chest of drawers as a central element

The last of the proposals, in addition to helping us with the issue of storage, can become the central element that every small room needs to focus attention on it. As a general rule, in small rooms we usually bet on light tones that give the feeling of spaciousness. But, when opting for these colors, it is always necessary to include some decorative element with a strong hue that breaks with neutrality and becomes the center of attention. A small dresser, in which to store all our gadgets, with a dark tone like this one from Ikea, can be the solution. The chest of drawers is priced at 89 euros.

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