The name of Dani Ceballos has reappeared around Betis in the face of the imminent opening of the winter market. Already last summer, on the last day of the deadline to sign, the player from Utrera was close to returning to Heliopolis and Antonio Cordon himself, Betico’s sports director, did not hide in the presentation of Willian Jose the real options that there were.
“Since the summer began, there have been many names that have appeared. In the end, some have materialized. Ceballos is one of those who were there. He likes it at Betis and he likes Betis a lot. Sooner or later we will cross paths in the Hopefully”, indicated the Extremaduran about Ceballos, who due to the lack of chips and the question of the wage bill, finally stayed in a white team, where he has not had a leading role due to the injury suffered in the ankle in the Tokyo Olympics , from which he has recovered ahead of the second round of the season. Today, for his return, Betis would also have to find a place for him in the form of a file, having 25 occupied, with three players even with a subsidiary file (Miranda, Rober and Rodri), without forgetting the economic issue: the player’s file, the salary limit of Betis and Real Madrid’s desire to recover the investment it made at the time of 16 .5 million for Ceballos, whose contract ends in 2023. For this reason, at the moment, the name of Ceballos is a complex illusion that will also depend on the desire of the player himself when trying to have a leading role in Madrid or return to a Betis who always winks on social networks.
Ceballos was already very close to returning to Betis on the last day of the summer market
In the white team, Ancelotti recently closed, in a public way, the door to a possible departure of Ceballos, but both the Italian coach and the sports management of the team from the Spanish capital are clear that they do not want unhappy players and if the conditions they are good for all parties, they would not refuse the possible departure of any player with little prominence. In the case of Ceballos, waiting for events, what seems clear is that the paths of the player from Utrera and Betis will end up crossing sooner or later.
The Heliopolis table needs to free chips to be able to make possible incorporations
While the name of the player from Utrera appears as a complex illusion, Betis continues to pay attention not only to the market for midfielders with an offensive vocation, but also to the market for pivots and central defenders (higher priority profiles for Pellegrini) who can reinforce the midfield and the axis of behind against the fight in the League to play the Champions; the Cup and the Europa League ahead.
The high profile and the desire of Madrid to recover what was invested in Ceballos, main obstacles
To do this, as with Ceballos, the Verdiblanco team should find space for him in the squad, waiting to see what happens with the future of those players who have had fewer minutes in the first part of the season. Thus, it will be the passing of the market that will determine the movements that may be produced in a Betis in which Pellegrini continues to trust and support its current squad , being aware of the economic reality of the entity.
A replacement for Guido and a player of hierarchy for the axis of the defense, in the green and white agenda
“Perhaps one would like to be in all the markets with a lot of money to always try to improve the squads, but I think we have a reliable, stable squad and a moment in the institution in which I don’t think we will be part of this market”, indicated the Engineer in the last press conference, in the previous one against Athletic, when questioned about the possibility of Betis in order to strengthen itself in a transfer window where the name of Ceballos appears as a complex illusion.

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