If your dream is to create furniture in your home that is able to give you an enveloping psycho-physical well-being and to obtain functional spaces with minimal aesthetics, the Zen style is certainly the one for you. In this article we will explain the basic concepts of this particular way of furnishing the house , for the creation of a habitat in tune with the positive energies that surround you. Zen furniture is recommended for those who love a basic and essential style, below you will find lots of useful information to make your home a perfect place to live better, relax and meditate:

  • Origins of Zen philosophy
  • Zen-style furniture function for the mind
  • Decorate your living room in Zen style
  • The kitchen in Zen style
  • Zen decor in the bedroom
  • The Zen-style bathroom

Origins of Zen philosophy
The term Zen has very ancient origins and was born in the schools of Buddhism in Japan. The word Zen literally means to meditate and think in order to reach the highest stage of enlightenment. This is one of the most important Buddhist concepts of Zen philosophy, which has as its pivotal point the true nature of reality and its own inner cosmos. This way of thinking born in Asia, towards the Sixties also reaches the West as a non-religious dogma, also bringing with it a lifestyle aimed at eliminating the superfluous to highlight essentiality and purity.
Zen philosophysuggests freeing the mind to start living better through meditation, the most important basis of this oriental thought. Achieving happiness is possible by using detachment and awareness to get in full harmony with every energy present in the cosmos. Even the space where you live takes on a fundamental role, Zen furniture creates harmonious and serene settings where you can reach the greatest tranquility and inner peace. Zen-style furnishing function for the mind Furnishing a Zen-style homeit means creating spaces where to meditate and relax the mind, in a perfect mood of inner peace. Each element and each object must enter into a natural harmony with what surrounds it to create an ideal balance, both visual and abstract. Inner harmony must be the goal, so you will always have to opt for simple furnishings, with essential lines and made with natural materials. Zen style furniture is therefore characterized by the purity of the lines and the use of neutral colors recalling the world of nature. Both the living area and the sleeping area must be furnished following simple rules, in this way you can obtain environments with pure aesthetics and where the superfluous cannot exist.Decorate your living room in Zen style
The living room is one of the most important parts in any home, it is the area where you spend most of your time and it is also the place where you relax. To create a perfect Zen living room , everything focuses on the inclusion of a few elements characterized by clean design. The most used material for this particular style is undoubtedly wood. So also for the living room you can start from the parquet flooring in natural colors where you can lay a short-haired carpet always preferring nuances recalling the colors of nature. For the main seat, choose a large fabric sofa with a linear design. For the accessories, opt for round tablesbasses and always made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo or wicker. The equipped wall must be characterized by a strong geometric rigor, to be in tune with the rest of the furniture. Choose linear and wooden elements for the dining room too, to give the space a welcoming atmosphere. Bring nature into your living room and also place plants in the brightest spots of this space. Lighting plays a fundamental role in Zen furniture , choose designer lamps with simple looks and that give a warm and enveloping light. Zen-style kitchen
In a Zen-style kitchenthe dominant materials must be wood and bamboo, in their purest essence. Choose only light-colored wooden furniture to create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere and to add breadth to the space. In the Zen kitchen , accessories play a key role: the wok pan, oriental pots and dishes are made of bamboo and are the best solution to bring to mind ancient oriental atmospheres. The furnishing of your Zen kitchen must bring functionality and practicality into every daily action, therefore rigor and essence of the forms must be the absolute protagonists. To create a tidy space, never occupy the worktops with appliances, but use wall cabinets and niches to include and hide them. YoursZen cuisine must therefore embrace the oriental philosophy of “less and more is”. Zen furniture in the bedroom
The bedroom and the queen room where you can take care of your relaxation and rest. The first step you need to implement is that of choosing a double bed. According to the Zen tradition , for an optimal night’s rest you will have to place a futon or practical stacked tatami mats , alternatively low double beds with wooden structure or covered with natural cotton or jute fabrics can also be perfect. The wardrobe with sliding doors in shij paperit is certainly the most suitable solution to give the room a touch of refinement. The accessories are also important: Zen-style rugs, candles, Zen lampshades. You can also add a touch of greenery to the room with a small bonsai . In this space he tries to minimize everything and concentrate on the wall decorations, using wallpaper in themes recalling the world of Buddhism in all its delicate facets. The bathroom in Zen style
The bathroom is certainly one of the places where the Zen styleit can be well represented because it is the space where one of the predominant elements of this philosophy is its protagonist: water. The bathroom is a fundamental environment in every home, and the room where you take care of your body, your well-being and where you enter a splendid symbiosis with the water element. For wall and floor coverings choose ceramics in neutral shades, such as white and for furnishing elements, place solutions in stone or wood. This way you can recreate a space with a natural look. For taps, we recommend installing waterfall taps and large, low-flow shower heads. If the sizes allow it, also include a large and welcoming bathtubwith a basic design where you can indulge in infinite moments of relaxation. Also in this space you can insert plants, to bring your mind back into close contact with nature.

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