“Russia’s actions are like those of terrorists like ISIS,” the Ukrainian president added to the Security Council. Moscow: “Petty to hold ourselves responsible”. Secretary General Antonio Guterres: “The war must end now” Giuseppe Asta
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in connection with the meeting of the United Nations Security Council
“They were killed in their homes , in their apartments, blowing up the grandmothers. Civilians were crushed by tanks while sitting in their cars in the middle of the street. Just for their pleasure. They cut their limbs, they cut their throats, they cut their throats,and killed in front of their children. “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not spare the strong images when recounting his visit yesterday to Bucha , the suburb of Kiev freed by red troops, at the opening of his speech by videoconference at the Security Council meeting of the United Nations, which began shortly after 16 this afternoon.
“The Russian army purposely sought and killed anyone who served our country – continued the president – they killed women outside their homes when they just tried to call who it was alive. They killed entire families, adults and children and tried to burn the bodies . Civilians were shot in the back of the headafter being tortured. Some of them were shot in the streets. Others were thrown into the wells ”.
Now the Russians ” will blame everyone just to justify their actions”, Zelensky predicts, “they will say that there are various versions, different versions, it is impossible to determine which of those versions is true”, but “the world can see that the Russians have done what the Russian army did in Bucha by keeping the city under their occupation, the world has yet to see what they did in other occupied cities of our country. The geography may be different or varied, but the cruelty is the same as the crimes themselves are and their responsibility must be inevitable. We have decisive evidence, there are satellite images, we can conduct complete and transparent investigations “, he then assured, asking” who gave the orders “to be tried” for war crimes “ . The leader added that Russia” is committing the worst war crimes. from the Second World War “and he evoked” the Nuremberg court “.
” The Russians feel they are colonizers, they want our wealth, they want to enslave us, they want us to become mute slaves . They are stealing everything, from food to jewels “, their actions are no different from those of” terrorist organizations like ISIS “, Moscow wants to” systematically destroy all ethnic and religious diversity “. Putin”forced to accept peace “.
Zelensky also attacked the United Nations Organization itself , calling for “changes to the entire system”, because “it either defends international law or it can also close”: the veto power that Russia has together with France, the USA, the United Kingdom and China ” cannot mean the right to kill “. Russia ” must be removed ” from the Security Council.
The speech of the Ukrainian president was greeted by the applause of most of those present in the classroom. Zelensky then showed a video with gruesome images of civilians, including children, killed in cities of Ukraine such as Irpin, Dymerka, Motyzhin.Secretary General Guterres: the war must end now
“The war in Ukraine has resulted in senseless loss of life, massive devastation in urban centers and destruction of civilian infrastructure”, Secretary General Antonio Guterres said at the opening of the meeting .“Far beyond the borders it has brought massive increases in the prices of food, energy and fertilizers, because Moscow and Kiev are the cornerstones of these markets. For all these reasons, it is more urgent by the day to silence the weapons now.”
“I will never forget the terrifying images of civilians killed in Bucha “, he added, further underlining that Russia’s war in Ukraine is one of the greatest challenges ever to the international order and that “more than one billion people in the world are affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine. About 10 million people have been displaced by the offensive, and the fastest forced displacement of people since the Second World War “.
Guterres then stressed that “our analysis indicates that 74 developing countries, with a total population of 1.2 billion people, are particularly vulnerable to rising costs of food, energy and fertilizers. Just in the last month alone. , the prices of wheat increased by 22%, corn by 21% and barley by 31%. I deeply regret the divisions that prevented the Security Council from acting not only on Ukraine but also on other threats peace and security in the world. I urge the Council to do everything in its power to end the war and mitigate its impact, both on the suffering people of Ukraine and on vulnerable people and developing countries around the world “. Russia:
After the projection of the Ukrainian videos on the civilian victims, the representative of Russia Vasily Nebenzya said that “it is a petty to think that the Russian forces are responsible, you have only seen what they have told you, one cannot fail to notice obvious inconsistencies in the version. of the facts presented by the Ukrainian and Western media. And the fact that there were no corpses in the city immediately after the departure of the Russian troops, as many video footage shows “. He then announced that Moscow produces “hundreds, if not thousands, of video testimony of people ready to tell the atrocities committed by Ukrainian nationalists ” and added that “the Nazis lead the dance in Ukraine”.
The Kremlin representative further stated that “in total, more than 620,000 people have already been evacuated to Russia since the start of the special military operation. We are not talking about any kind of coercion or kidnapping, as we like to present to our Western partners. many videos testify to the voluntary decision of these people, available on social networks China ‘
s envoy to the Council of Zhang Jun did not condemn Russia for the horrors of Bucha but asked for an independent investigation. USA to Zelensky: “We are with you “
” President Zelensky I want you to know that we are with you and the Ukrainian people as you face this brutal attack on your sovereignty, democracy and freedom, “said theUS Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield . He then cited the “big heart of countries such as Moldova, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and others across the region and the world” which have welcomed 4 million Ukrainian refugees: “I want these countries to know that they have a partner committed to the United States: That is why we recently announced that we are ready to provide more than a billion dollars in new funding for humanitarian assistance for those affected by the Russian war in Ukraine and its severe impacts on the world. welcome 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russian aggression in the US
Thomas-Greenfield then noted that “there are credible reports” thattens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians were kidnapped and sent to sorting camps before being deported to Russia and he reiterated that there is ” mountain of evidence” for Russian war crimes . He also officially proposed to suspend Russia from the Geneva Human Rights Council, arguing that it “undermines the credibility of the Security Council itself. Every day we see how little Russia respects human rights. That’s why I announced yesterday that the United States, in coordination with Ukraine and many other UN member countries, they will call for Moscow’s suspension from the Human Rights Council. Russia is using its membership in the body as a propaganda platform. “

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