It seems that for some time now Zara has proposed that our daily tasks be filled with glamor and sophistication. To its usual collections of clothing and accessories with which we can go informal but with a point of elegance , other types of proposals are added that, although we never thought we would find in Zara , fill our day to day with sophistication.
As a kind of entity born to satisfy our needs (we wanted some personalized shoes and they have just launched some), Zara has specialized in recent months in the creation of articles that, a priori, generate a lot of controversy on social networks but shortly after they end up running outbecause, deep down, we love them.
If a couple of months ago I unleashed all kinds of criticism on social networks for a vintage-style mop bucket and revolutionized the universe of shopping carts with a padded version of this item (which sold out in hours), now Zara launches a new product of those that become viral. With a retro look, just like its collection of accessories for pets, Zara’s new proposal seems beautiful and super useful in equal parts.
It is a version 2.0 of the quilted shopping cart, much more beautiful than the first proposal made to us by Inditex. In two versions and colors, the new Zara shopping carts, in addition to being beautiful, they have as a novelty that they become a bag. With this new proposal from Zara, going to the market to do the shopping will never be the same again .

A beautiful and functional shopping cart

After falling in love with the quilted shopping cart, now the Zara design team brings us the most chic and spring version of this item. In this new proposal, padded and waterproof fabrics are replaced by other lighter and more summery materials such as raffia, cotton and leather in natural colors.
In terms of design, this new shopping cart has some new features compared to its predecessor. At first glance, this one looks like a shopping cart with two folding wheels ., handles, double zipper closure and magnet, but in a single gesture it separates from the wheels and the handle and becomes a shopper bag. A large-capacity piece with a leather-effect shoulder strap to carry it cross-body in a very practical and comfortable way for days when shopping is not so thought out or cumbersome.
In addition, it also has an extensible body . The bag is divided into two sections, one in cream-colored cotton and the other in natural raffia, and in the center of both there is a zipper that, if unfolded, adds 29 centimeters more to the cart. A fantasy when our initial purchase ideal gets a little out of hand.
In addition to this model, Zara has launched another with the same design and functionalities but that differs in details and materials. Zara ‘s second car is made of cotton with imitation leather details and the colors that have it are white and navy blue. Both shopping carts have the same price (39.95 euros) and are so beautiful that they will sell out in 3, 2, 1.

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