When you stop looking for the perfect garment with which to achieve the most elegant looks, it comes and goes. These days, with the rising mercury and spring in all its splendor, we have stopped looking for sophisticated garments to focus on much cooler outfits and, of course, that is when we have found the most elegant garment in the world: the Zara’s new pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl .
Inditex’s flagship has been out for a few days. With daily news in its new collection, Zara gave us a couple of days ago the most original floral skirt of all spring and the pink linen jumpsuit that best suits short women, but what we could not imagine is that among the proposals of its new collection it was such a gem . If you were surprised by the most elegant, flattering and sexy black dress (which can be yours for less than 20 euros), Zara’s new pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl will make you go crazy. As has happened to us.
Manila shawls are that handmade piece that we always bet on when we want to go super elegantand with a look with a lot of personality. But neither is this piece suitable for all styles, nor are we going to be wearing a true jewel of craftsmanship in our pret-a-porter looks. But that’s what Zara is for, to be inspired by the manila shawl and give us as a result the most elegant pareo skirt of the season and with which to succeed in all events for less than 30 euros .
Zara’s new pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl seems anything but a low cost garment. High-waisted and short, Zara’s skirt hugs the body in the same way as a pareo and has fringed ends ., which is what truly gives the garment that elegance. Black in color, the pareo skirt features a paisley print in the same shade , simulating the embroidery of a classic manila shawl .
In short, Zara’s new pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl is postulated as the most elegant garment and with which to succeed in all your events in the purest Queen Letizia style, but at a much cheaper price. Zara’s new pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl isn’t even worth 30 euros and combined with a white blouse and heeled sandals result in the most elegant look ever.

This is the new Zara pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl

After seeingZara’s new sarong skirt inspired by a manila shawl we need a plan to come up with in which to wear it. Although, if this year has taught us anything, it is that we should not wait for the perfect occasion to put on a certain garment and show off our great look . Also, as Zara’s new pareo skirt is quite cheap, we don’t need to reserve it for special occasions either.
Inspired by a manila shawl, Zara’s pareo skirt is perfect for a black and white look. Although our bet is to combine the skirt with a white and quite fluid blouse, we can also combine it with a crop top or a white lingerie. Being a very elegant piece, Zara’s pareo skirt requires us to bet on a much more minimalist look in which the garment inspired by a manila shawl takes the absolute lead .
As expected, Zara’s pareo skirt inspired by a manila shawl is already causing a stir and some sizes are beginning to see how its stock is drastically reduced, so you’ll have to be careful if you want to get one. Available from size XS to size XL , the Zara pareo skirt is priced at 29.95 euros.

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