At this point in spring we already have it more than clear. Everything that smells, even from afar, of another decade, becomes an absolute trend in the blink of an eye. Although fashion tries to offer novelties, it is very common to be inspired by other decades and reinterpret trends to bring them to the present. We have already seen it with basics from the 90s, such as the reinterpretation of the red lingerie dress, but it is not the decade that hits the hardest this spring, although it may seem so.
A few weeks ago, the most low-cost firm of Inditex gave us clues about which would be the most inspiring decade of spring. His geometric print set that looks like haute couture, but is super low cost, laid the foundations for the most current reinterpretation of 70s trends. Geometric prints , the return of crochet to our lives, the return of jeans from bell…
Everything seems to indicate that the 70’s are more fashionable than ever . In case there was any doubt, our latest discovery has just confirmed it. This is the geometric print set from Zara that reinterprets the trends of the 70s and becomes the basic essential for spring .
Composed of a blouse and super fluid pants, Zara’s geometric print set is an ode to the trends that marked a before and after in the 70s, but with a much more sophisticated and elegant point. A pajama look (comfy fashion is here to stay) with which to take geometric print to another level and give yourself the most glamorous look of all spring.
With the white background, among the colors of Zara’s geometric print set, green and blue stand out, two essential shades in any self- respecting sophisticated styling. Combining both garments is a success, but it seems that those who know the most about fashion have seen the best of allies in the geometric print pants and have devastated the stock.
One more proof that Zara’s geometric print set is the best way to reinvent the 70’s trends and become the basic essential for spring. In fact, Zara has a very similar model in orange tones with which it has also conquered our hearts.

The most 70’s geometric print outfit

Flowers and polka dots are present in our wardrobes every spring, so when a new pattern appears we go crazy. As with the geometric print , so 70’s and so present in current fashion. Zara did not want to miss the opportunity and, in addition to its super trendy proposals, this spring it also wanted to addto the most seventies print , the geometric.
Thus, her geometric print outfit has become a hit and the essential basic for this spring . Super fluid, the Zara outfit gives us inspiring looks in which we can combine both the blouse and the pants, put on sandals and go out and conquer the world.
But we can also bet on both garments separately and take those white pants to another level by combining them with the geometric print blouse or mark the summer look with geometric print pants and a black lingerie top.
The bad news is that Zara’s geometric print setIt’s not as cheap as Lefties, but it’s worth investing in this must-have spring staple. The price of the geometric print blouse is 39.95 euros and the price of the pants is 39.95 euros. The good news is, as we advanced at the beginning, that Zara has launched a similar set in orange tones , another spring fantasy.

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