What yes, autumn is just around the corner and we have already gone crazy looking for the best office looks. We have it super clear and we are delighted to succumb to the new autumn trends, but that does not mean that we still want to show off our tan and wear spectacular dresses with which to rush through the last days of summer . That is why we have not been able to avoid feeling a crush on discovering the most spectacular black dress from Zara with which to say goodbye to summer and show off your tan for the last time.
We know that you can never have enough black dresses in your closet, that’s why we don’t think it’s crazy to die of love for this Zara dress, although summer has two newscasts left. With a super simple and wearable design, Zara’s black dress will help us say goodbye to summer and show off our tan for the last time, but we’ll be able to wear it again next summer (and the next and the next).
The color black, in addition to being the most flattering, is perfect to show off your tan, since she has the gift of raising our skin color a couple of tones. Therefore, betting on a dress of this color to say goodbye to summer seems to us a more than successful option.
In addition, as the possibilities of combining it are practically infinite , we can bet on playing with colored accessories., resort to flat sandals, pull on high heels and even bet on a denim jacket in case it cools down. For all this and much more, Zara’s black dress seems perfect to say goodbye to summer and show off your tan for the last time .

This is Zara’s black dress with which to say goodbye to summer

With a long midi, Zara’s black dress is reminiscent of the lingerie designs that have been with us all summer, but it is presented in a more minimalist versionand attending to one of the trends that have been most present this summer: the reverse bikini. Yes, how do you read
This summer Instagram has been filled with images of influencers with the part of the bikini placed upside down to give the look a change of scenery and that is exactly what they have done from Zara with their black dress. With very thin straps, the neckline (which is V-shaped) is reminiscent of this bikini trend that has marked the summer .
Somewhat looser than lingerie dresses, Zara’s design features an opening at the back of the skirt that makes it easier to walk and sit down, as well as giving it a super sexy point. Spectacular, super vaporous and perfect to show off your tan(with the little work that has cost us), the Zara dress is perfect to say goodbye to summer with all the glamor of the world.

Available from size XS to XXL , Zara’s black dress is priced at 29.95 euros.

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