Yuyee Alissa Intusmith, ex-wife of the Spanish presenter Francisco Javier Cuesta , known as Frank de la Jungla, was released after entering prison in 2014 for drug trafficking, Cuesta himself assured. In a video published last night, the presenter indicated that a Thai court confirmed the release of his ex-wife and that he has already spent the night at home with the children they share.
The prison and judicial authorities, for their part, avoided confirming or denying the release when consulted by Efe. In the video, the presenter thanked the “love and messages of support” from thousands of people through social networks and by mail during “very hard” times of fighting for justice.

This has been achieved by being very heavy, obviously the lawyers have done a very good job, but it is by being there every day (…) and not losing hope or the desire for justice to be done “, points out Cuesta, who pointed out that at the moment she will not make statements to the media.
“It has been 2,345 very hard days for her, for our children and for me too. A thousand things have happened but we have been able to overcome it,” said the Spaniard, recalling the hard moments with “humiliation and moments where he bowed his head, kept silent for the good of all.”

Yuyee, Frank Cuesta’s ex-wife, is released after 6 years imprisoned
“Now is the time for her to make up for lost time with her children.That he recovers physically” after about six and a half years in a Bangkok prison, where conditions are very harsh, the presenter remarks.
The former model was arrested in November 2012 at the Don Mueang airport, in the north of Bangkok, after returning from a trip to Vietnam and among his belongings, the Thai authorities seized 5 milligrams of cocaine. Possession of drugs at the airport is considered drug trafficking in Thailand, regardless of the amount.
A Bangkok court sentenced in June 2014 to the Thai with 15 years in prison and a fine of 1.5 million baht(about 49,500 dollars or 42,000 euros, at the current exchange rate) for possession and trafficking of cocaine, a sentence that was ratified and finalized by the Supreme Court in March 2017.
The penalty was added 3 months in prison for a sentence prior to do not have the necessary permits to keep wild animals in your home.
Her ex-husband has from the beginning defended Yuyee’s innocence and criticized the injustice committed by the local authorities.
The presenter also denounced the manipulation of the evidence and the irregularities during the trial, which he attributes to the deep “corruption” of some people in the judicial institutions.
Thai justice severely punishes drug trafficking, without contemplating own consumption or retail as a mitigating factor, to curb the mafias that mostly deal in methamphetamine and heroin.

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