Know if what we eat is healthy or not. Today, with all the information we have about food and other cosmetic or health products, there are still few consumers who look at the labels.
As in everything, new technologies and their applications make it even easier for us to know if we are buying an excellent, good, mediocre or bad food or product. How
with the Yuka app.
It is an app that works by scanning food and cosmetic labelswith which you obtain information about its composition and its evaluation as excellent, good, mediocre or bad and it is reflected in our mobile. Yuka seems to be in fashion, since in Spain it has a million followers who use it per month and has been downloaded by 4 million Spaniards , while in France it has reached 10 million users in just a few months.
The application is free and very easy to use: it allows you to scan the barcodes of food and cosmetic products from your mobile and then evaluate their impact on health.It also offers a detailed sheet to understand the analysisof each product. When the impact is negative, the system recommends similar and more beneficial products for health (always under the opinion of its developers).

Doubts and criticism

However, in recent monthscriticism has arisen in relation to the classifications that Yuka makes of the products and the possible interests that they hide behind. This same year, the advertising regulatory body Autocontrol agreed with Fiab in a complaint against the application, considering that Yuka’s advertising “is misleading in that it presents the app as a tool that improves the health of its users by pretending to influence the options purchase of these”.
On the other hand, in the opinion of themanufacturer’s association, “the qualification that the application attributes to food, whether as bad, mediocre, good and excellent , lacks scientific rigor “.

A healthier purchase

Despite everything, this tool is in the Top 10 of the applications most downloaded free apps on Google Play and classifying a list of 700,000 foods and 300,000 cosmetics through a range of colors that goes from red to green to make their interpretation more visual.Users know that it is an indicative rating
. focuses on its nutritional quality , the presence of additives and its characterecological . Beauty items, on the other hand, will get a more or less positive rating depending on the ingredients they contain. Each component is assigned a risk level according to the available scientific information.

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