What is yellow sperm

  • What is yellow semen
  • Causes of yellow sperm
    • Infections
    • Sperm mixed with urine
    • Advancing age
    • The diet
    • Other reasons
  • What are the possible complications of yellow sperm
  • Treatment of yellow sperm
    • Yellow sperm could also be stimulated by other factors
    • When to worry

Sperm color can tell a lot about our health in general.
The color of the sperm determines the dominant features of the body. For example, a yellowish or greenish discoloration or the presence of scales in the semen often indicates the presence of an infection.
Similarly, a reddish or brownish tint is most likely a sign of a disease called hematospermia.
If in doubt, it is always best to consult a urologist who can give an expert opinion.
Thick yellow or foul-smelling semen could be a wake-up call for men. Yellow semen may not represent anything to worry about, but the unpleasant smell is no good, and it could indicate that something is wrong. Often, these two conditions go hand in hand, and often occur at the same time.
The unpleasant odor indicates some sort of bacterial infection or growth that can occur within the urogenital tract.
The cause could be sperm mixed with dead bacteria and their toxins, along with inflammatory exudate. Causes of yellow sperm
The causes of the appearance of yellow sperm can be different; the most worrying one is the infection, but the diet, or the advancing age, can also cause this strange phenomenon. But let’s take a closer look at these factors. Infections
Infections such as prostatitis, seminitis, epididymitis, and epididymo-orchitis can result in yellow colored sperm with an unpleasant odor and are usually associated with pain. These infections are usually treated with the help of antibiotics.
Antibiotics are prescribed after culture and seed sensitivity testing. This test allows you to identify the problem and prescribe an appropriate antibiotic that can kill that organism. Sperm mixed with urine
Sometimes yellow colored and unpleasant smelling semen can leak out during ejaculation due to the retention of urine inside the urethra. When the sperm passes through the bulbar urethra it mixes with the concentrated yellow urine and appears yellow and foul-smelling.
Retention of urine predisposes to urinary tract infection, which can cause burning and foul-smelling discharge.
When a man has an erection the flow of urine is blocked, so that the sperm can pass. However, traces of urine may leak and cause a more yellow ejaculate. Advancing age
As we age, sperm may turn more yellow. In this case there is no need to worry. It does not affect fertility or sexual performance. This is not to say that every ejaculation will be yellow in color.
Yellow semen appears on intermittent ejaculations, but older men will have yellow colored ejaculations more often than a younger man. The diet
Some foods that contain sulfur can make semen a yellow color. These foods include onion, garlic, and chives. Some medicines may also be the cause of the yellow color of the semen. These medicines include some multi-vitamins and Rifampicin which is a commonly used drug to treat tuberculosis.
The yellow sperm, therefore, can be perfectly normal and without consequences, but if it is associated with a strong and disturbing odor, then it indicates a problem, which requires further evaluation and treatment. The best way to confirm if something is wrong is to do a microscopic examination and culture of the semen. Other reasons
Another reason may be that you have not had an ejaculation for a long time; again you may experience a yellowish ejaculation.
Other reasons that could cause yellow sperm are jaundice and leukocytospermia (high levels of white blood cells). These are normally accompanied by other bodily symptoms, so if you notice any abnormal symptoms in addition to yellow semen, consult your doctor.What are the possible complications of yellow semen?
Changes in semen color don’t have to be life-threatening or a reason to rush to the doctor right away.
If you notice a different color in your ejaculate every now and then, or it smells different, you may find that you have an infection. However, if you have noticed other strange characteristics, such as changes in odor, viscosity and abnormal colors over a long period of time, it is best to consult your doctor. Treatment of yellow sperm
As we have said, in general, the male sperm is semitransparent or white. The yellowing of the sperm is divided into physiological and pathological. Physiological causes of semen yellowing include prolonged abstinence or absence of sex and frequent consumption of spicy and fatty foods. The yellow color can also be caused, as we have mentioned, by reproductive infections, sperm abnormalities, sperm agglutination disease and other pathological factors. Yellow sperm could also be stimulated by other factors

  • If men do not have sex for a long time, the sperm concentration will be higher, so the sperm will naturally have a temporary yellowing phenomenon.
  • If you eat stimulating food: sour, spicy, spicy and fried and other stimulating foods, you may see this phenomenon. Usually, it is recommended to eat light vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C.
  • Infectious diseases: male prostatitis or inflammation of the seminal vesicle, could cause the phenomenon of yellowing of the sperm. Inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicle will stimulate bacteria, thus the quality of the sperm will decrease, but will also cause yellowing of the sperm.
  • The malformation of the sperm can cause yellowing: the abnormal sperm includes an abnormal morphology of the head, body and tail, or a mixed abnormality of the head and body. When the sperm deformities exceed 20%, the sperm turns yellow.
  • Sperm agglutination disease: due to the existence of antibodies to the sperm, resulting in autoagglutination of the sperm, the seminal vesicle fails to do its job. Also in these cases the sperm will appear yellow.

When to worry
This condition can be cured
If the cause of the disorder is identified, it can be resolved.
If the yellow semen is caused by long-term withdrawal, there is no need for treatment. The only thing to do in this case is to restore sexual life; you will see that after a while the sperm will return to its normal color.
As for all other cases, pay attention to male diseases, the diagnosis can make a difference. Sperm yellowing does not exclude inflammation of the seminal vesicle and prostate, sperm deformity, sperm agglutination and other possibilities; in these cases, a timely medical examination of the sperm is recommended.
Obviously, as we have seen, these are often situations that are not at all worrying. The most serious cause would be the appearance of an infectious disease, which, however, can be treated with antibiotics and resolved in a short time. There seems to be no other reason to be alarmed.

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