Going to the theater is always a unique emotion. Whether they are theaters with gilded boxes and draping red curtains worthy of fairytale castles, or whether they are modern theaters, larger or smaller. What matters is what is established between the stage and the audience , that is, a unique emotion. The theater is therefore a magical and spectacular place, and it is an art worthy of being celebrated. The 5 most beautiful love plays of all time
For World Theater Day, here are the 5 most beautiful love plays of all time that celebrate this great art World Theater Day, 10 good reasons to watch a theatrical work
Today on World Theater Day, here you are10 good reasons to love a play. Human beings
Staging in the theater is a universal cultural phenomenon that exists in every society , all over the world. Therefore, if the theater is part of the culture of different people, of different countries, then the understanding of this art helps us to understand what it means to be human. Self-expression
It teaches us how to express ourselves more effectively. It develops our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings towards others, thus helping us to improve our interpersonal relationships with the world around us. Self-knowledge
A play teaches us something more about ourselves . It has a psychological and introspective function, as the context in which the staging originates helps us to understand and understand the dynamics of our society. The pain of closed theaters on the Ariston stage with the welfare state
During the evening of the covers, Sanremo 2021, the welfare state brings the drama of the closed theaters with the pandemic to the stage. The story
A play and a great way to approach topics such as history , literature, which are reinterpreted in a particular key, with a sometimes new point of view and which thus becoming a means with which to teach and transfer in the form of entertainment, sometimes complex concepts that are however part of the culture of our society. In short, theater is an open book, “written” with lights and costumes. The body
In this era dismayed by the digital , as well as by its disproportionate use, the theater reminds us that the world exists a humanity , an empathy that are not virtual. It reminds us that at the center of our life are people and not robots or technological gadgets. For this reason, theater is a means that, unlike cinema, makes you feel the protagonist of something, a physical protagonist, as if you were on stage and material protagonist of the scene, of history. The 5 most beautiful love plays of all time
For World Theater Day, here are the 5 most beautiful love plays of all time that celebrate this great art Self-empowerment
The plays represented every aspect of our everyday life . Understanding how “the shows unfold around us” can help us recognize and take control of the social dynamics that affect us.Social change
The theater is a cultural space in which society examines itself as if it were in front of a mirror. It has long been seen as a laboratory in which we are able to study the problems faced by society in order to examine them, understand them and ultimately solve them. Education
Theatrical performances are a great way to learn . It is a kind of school, a great encyclopedia in which stories of historical and literary characters come to life. Can you imagine seeing the character of your favorite book in flesh and blood
Gorgeous! Creativity
Theatrical works help us develop our creativity. As our educational system places more and more emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we cannot forget the importance of art. And it is the art par excellence. Globalization
Theater helps us to understand people from cultures other than ours. We can learn a lot about cultures around the world by learning about their traditions and habits. In this way, we can learn to be less ethnocentric and accept others more.

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