Russia 2018
Perfect in being unfinished. He won a lot, all with Milan, he wanted the 1994 World Cup at all costs, recovering from the injury in 20 days. But
the game in a handkerchief remained suspended, sweet, elegant and mocking. The instant of a dribbling that has remained engraved in the memory of football for decades
On the one hand Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Nigeria and China. On the other, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.
A “miracle” on the header of a sure Pele. The goalkeeper manages to stop the ball on the goal line and knock it out of the field.
Zoff and Pertini against Causio and Bearzot. The legendary fuck with the World Cup next door. One of the anecdotes that we will most remember from the 1982 World Cup
It is a snapshot that returns to every Italy – Spain: Luis Enrique, after receiving an elbow from Tassotti, bleeding, asks the referee for justice. He does not notice anything and it will be the TV test, for the first time, to disqualify the Milan full-back with eight days
. even think about removing the disturbance. The absurd story of Andres Escobar, Colombian defender, who was killed due to an own goal during the 1994 World Cup
At Bar da Gigi, in Cassola, where we cheered Iceland all together during the last World Cup, the check was awarded proceeds from the project
It is the first edition of the World Cup and if it is not surprising to see Uruguay and Argentina compete for the Rimet Cup, the choice of the ball to use was much less clear.Russia
scores the decisive goal in the final (7-6) winning the tournament among old glories played in Moscow. Totti voted best player
At the 19th minute of France – Mexico, World Cup 1930, the Peugeot worker bags the ball behind the Mexican goalkeeper Bonfiglio, the rest is history
The Hidden Flag, the hidden flag of LGBT culture, challenges Russia wearing the jerseys of some teams participating in the World Cup
The photographer Yuri Cortez in the match between Croatia and England became the protagonist in his own way: on the occasion of the 2-1 he too ‘celebrated’ the goal
He wins a 2-1 comeback over England thanks to the Italians Perisic and Mandzukic. The countdown for the match of a lifetime has begun, against France
Croatia is the national team with the most players born outside the border. Belgium, France and the children of Africa and then there is England, the most heterogeneous ever
History of a twenty-year long smash, from Euro’96 up to Geoff Hurst through Italy ’90 and the made in England championship
A goal by the defender Umtiti bends an excellent Belgium and takes the Bleus to the third World final after the 1998 and 2006 ones
and 24,000 fans who, at the Fifa Fan Fest in Moscow, attended the event with the Russian national team to thank them for historical result
The three Hazard brothers, of Belgian nationality, once cheered France. Today after 20 years they are the protagonists of the challenge that sees the two nations against each other
Russia 2018: Latest news, information on the races and groups and everything you need to know about this year’s World Cup in Russia as well as in-depth information and curiosity.

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