The fireplaces are today a modern solution to heat all the rooms of the house even on several floors, with high power and high efficiency, ensuring constant temperatures in all environments and the possibility to choose the type of power supply according to convenience in terms of savings. economic and energetic.
In times of rising heating costs, consumers are looking for low cost and, above all, eco-friendly alternatives to oil, gas and electricity.
On the cover, the Combi monobloc fireplace by Jolly Mec, an innovative and effective air and water heating system with combined wood and gas supply.
A fireplace for water heating can also be inserted in parallel with other heat sources, such as a boiler, a thermal cell or solar panels, and can manage the distribution of water in modern low temperature systems, such as underfloor heating.
Modern systems fall under the law for energy saving, therefore their installation gives the right to a tax deduction of 36% or 55%, depending on the type of work in progress. Two different types of products are born from the restyling of the FORMA line: Forma Vivo and Forma Puro, all the emotion of fire in the new formats, with wood operation.
Forma PURO is the result of a particular restyling of the Forma model able to guarantee a better view of the flame, giving the environment magical atmospheres able to offer a better and refined view of the fire. It consists of a monobloc (in the sizes 115 – 95 – 75 – 65 cm) in painted steel with an Alutec¨ hearth with sliding door and double-opening ceramic glass for cleaning. PURE and versatile shape that can be integrated with the Comfort Air¨ system and also the double-fronted model B95 is equipped with two doors with ceramic glass, one with double opening latch and the other with hinged doors.
Six new coatings for the Forma Puro line in which precious materials combine with clean lines and the search for innovative solutions for contemporary fire: polished Brera stone, brushed Mustard stone, rusty steel and bronze-colored powder coated steel also in amber colors , sand and white. Available in two variants: Combi Idro System which effectively manages any water system (radiators, floor, wall, ceiling, skirting boards, etc.), heating the entire home up to an area of ​​330 m² and Combi Aer System which, by forcibly channeling the air, it manages to heat the entire apartment up to an area of ​​250 m².
It is possible to equip Jolly Mec systems with a remote ignition device, to heat the house evenly at the desired time, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of energy.
As for the aesthetic aspect, thanks to over 150 different coverings, Combi by Jolly Mec can easily adapt to any environment, becoming an integral part of a classic or modern, rustic or design style. Here are the first comforts of the water Foghet system. Comforts that do not end here, as Foghet was born from the Jolly Mec experience, a company that for over 40 years has paid great attention to energy saving and environmental protection. Thanks to the dual wood-pellet feed, Foghet is in fact a “continuous fire” heating machine that can independently heat the entire house, up to 270 m², using radiators, underfloor heating, storage and also producing domestic hot water. Foghet consists of a heat exchanger in special steel with double shaped wall, whose particular construction allows to make the most of the heat produced by combustion, thus obtaining high yields and low emissions. The thermo fireplace is equipped with an electronic control unit with chronothermostat (with 50 settable programs) which manages the system by activating the two different feeding modes, wood or pellets, to maintain the desired temperature or operation to a minimum, eliminating waste. Thanks to the many available coverings, Foghet by Jolly Mec then fits in with any type of home and furniture: classic or modern, rustic or design, the face of Foghet is able to easily adapt to the most varied aesthetic needs. The charm of the flame, the convenience of heating and hot water, energy and economic savings, attention to aesthetics, the reliability of a company that has been operating in the sector for over 40 years: here are some good reasons to choose Foghet by Jolly Mec. Fireplaces with closing glass panel: guarantee of greater efficiency compared to open models. The choice of fuel is also of great importance. The fireplace is considered a valid eco-sustainable and, at the same time, functional solution. However, many potential buyers do not realize how many differences there can be in terms of efficiency between the various types of fireplaces. Unlike open fireplaces, the closed models with the protection panel are able to transform 85% of the fuel into heat, which will be fully used. The open models, on the other hand, are able to effectively use only 20% of the heat generated: the rest “is dispersed in the chimney pot”. Furthermore, closed fireplaces eliminate unpleasant smoke fumes and stoves with glass-ceramic protection panels discredit the prejudice “hot in front, cold behind”. The closed fireplaces with a panoramic glass block the smoke exhalations and offer the possibility to regulate the air flow allowing the control of the combustion process and the optimization of the use of fuel. Another positive aspect is that this process significantly decreases the levels of heat dispersion. Fireplaces with glass-ceramic panels thus become a real source of heating capable of reducing costs. With small quantities of wood, comfortable temperatures can be obtained, taking into account the fact that wood with a high energy capacity must be used.
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