Tonight on Rai 1 the third episode of “Meraviglie. The peninsula of treasures “, a program conducted by Alberto Angela that tells the beauty of our country through the most incredible and majestic places there are. Another appointment with culture on TV that, we are sure, will bring millions of viewers to the small screen. Wonders, the third episode
After the success of the last episode, tonight the popularizer most loved by Italians Alberto Angela will take us on a suggestive journey that will touch many places of our peninsula, crossing it from North to South. Here is what we will see in this third episode of “Wonders. The peninsula of treasures ”between Monza, Tivoli and Arab-Norman Sicily: starting right from Monza we will visit the Royal Villa and the park. Alberto Angela will then go to Tivoli to show the beauties of Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este. During the new episode of “Wonders” we will see the wonderful water games inside the garden and then continue in the city of Palermo and Monreale. In Sicily you can admire the architectural beauty of the Zisa Castle and the Cathedral of the Norman city.Roberto Saviano criticizes Alberto Angela and his show on Naples
“The beauties of Naples are not sparkling”. With a post and an article Roberto Saviano criticizes the narration that the popularizer Alberto Angela made of the city of Naples on TV Guests
As already happened in the previous episodes, in which actors, singers and artists linked to their homeland have intervened, also in this episode we will find several guests. The ex football player Sandro Mazzola will be present, who tells of his particular relationship with Monza and with the Park, Francesco Pannofino will tell the fascination that the two villas of Tivoli have always exercised on him. The trip to Sicily, on the other hand, will be enriched by an evocative intervention by Maria Falcone who will evoke the most intense memories of her lived in Palermo with her brother Giovanni.
Thank you for having accompanied us tonight on the journey among the many enchanting places, full of history, culture and traditions that make up our country. The journey through the #Wonders of Italy continues next Tuesday with Monza, Tivoli and Arab-Norman Sicily.
– Alberto Angela (@albertoangela) January 4, 2022 The new season and the ratings
After the successes of last season of “Tonight in Venice” or “Tonight in San Pietro”, this new season of Wonders aims to be a renewed declaration of love for Italy, a tribute to the Italians, to what they have been able to do over the centuries and what, amidst a thousand difficulties, they continue to do. The program conducted by Alberto Angela sees Gabriele Cipollitti as director, while the director of photography is Vincenzo Calo. The authors of the program are Aldo Piro, Filippo Arriva, Fabio Buttarelli, Ilaria Degano, Vito Lamberti, Emilio Quinto.
A new season that of “Wonders”, started under the best auspices. After the success of December 25 with “Tonight in Naples”, Alberto Angela did not deny himself and conquered the public even with the first two episodes of “Wonders – La Penisola dei Tesori”, showing that viewers are interesting to follow on the small in-depth television screen linked to the natural beauties and the suggestive artistic landscapes of our country. The numbers: on the evening of Tuesday 28 December, the return of Alberto Angela’s program on Rai1 “Meraviglie – La Penisola dei Tesori” with the episode dedicated to Campania and Procida involved 3,415,000 spectators, reaching 17% share, while the second episode of Meraviglie dedicated to the islands of Lake Maggiore, right on the border between Piedmont and Lombardy, it captured 3,604,000 spectators in front of the small screen, for a share equal to 17%. This confirms the fact that culture, if disseminated in an appropriate way and with simple language, can also be used on the small screen.
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