Hair trends this year have been very marked by stockings and mini manes. It ‘s time to say goodbye to long hair (more difficult to maintain and a bit outdated), to welcome the flattering Italian bob, which has arrived in hairdressers like a breath of fresh air.
The layers have also been very present , see the super success that the clavicut with invisible layers has been, and, although the bixie has been going quite strong for 2022, there is a haircut that has already earned a special place in all the hairdressers It’s called the wolf cut and it’s the most daring and flattering haircut you’ll ask for at the hairdresser in 2022.
You may have already heard of this haircut and we are not surprised at all. Although she now boasts a ponytail, our beloved Ursula Corbero was one of the first (if not the first) to opt for this daring haircut and her character in La casa de papel has made the wolf cut one of the most popular haircuts. in trend. Especially in the face of 2022, a year in which layers and revivals are going to be very popular
. Like other hair trends, the wolf cut is a haircut that blends styles , based on layers as the main premise. Thus, from the union of the mullet and the shaggy, the wolf cut is born, that very daring layered haircut and if you are one of those who prefer the most groundbreaking looksYou will order at the hairdresser in 2022. Although you still take advantage and change your look before the end of the year because the result of the wolf cut is one of the most flattering of the season .

What is a wolf cut haircut

It is a fusion of styles, a perfect symbiosis between two haircuts with a lot of personality: the mullet and the shaggy. Both haircuts were iconic trends of the 80s and 70s, respectively, and now that we are experiencing revivals, they come together to give rise to the wolf cut. The result of this fusion of haircuts is a look with bangs and many layers that frame the face, as well as providing a lot of volume at the top and less density at the nape of the neck.

To whom the wolf cut haircut suits

Being a fusion of styles and, in addition, betting on layers, the wolf cut becomes a haircut that suits most women and faces, although there are some Trick that we must take into account to get even more out of this styling. If you have a round face, we recommend opting for a more lopsided fringe and with a lot of movement .
In the case of having hair that is too fine and not very dense, it is better that you bet on an extra-long fringe and that you do not strain with the layers so that the ends do not look too scarce . Women with thick or curly hair should also be careful to limit the layers a bit.

How to make a wolf cut haircut

As you may have imagined, the secret of the success of this haircut is in its layers and in the mastery of expert hairdressers to achieve them. Although each maestrillo has his booklet, as a general rule, the wolf cut is achieved by cutting the upper half forward to create many layers , very paraded and with a lot of movement. In the case of the lower layers, they can be cut with a knife or with scissors so that they are as staggered as possible. The more staggered, the greater the effect .

This is how the wolf cut haircut is combed

We have commented on it on multiple occasions, especially when we talk about layered haircuts, the secret of the perfect hairstyle is indry the hair with a dryer and with the head down , with special emphasis on the root area .
If you still want to give more volume to the root area, you can always bet on placing some rollers in the upper layers, on which you can also apply heat with the dryer to gain more volume. If, in addition, you want your wolf cut to have a lot of movement, try making broken waves with a very fine iron . Don’t mark them too much and mess them up when you’re done and you’ll get that groundbreaking and transgressive effect that we like so much about the wolf cut.

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