The Sanremo Festival has always been one of the most anticipated musical events by Italians. The greatest interpreters of Italian song have passed on that stage and their pieces have in many cases become true classics. So, waiting for the 70th edition, we have decided to retrace with you the songs that have made the history of Sanremo. “Without mercy” wins Sanremo in 1999
We begin our review “Waiting for Sanremo” with a piece by Anna Oxa, “Without mercy”, which in 1999 was received with great success, ranking first. Written by Alberto Salerno and Claudio Guidetti, “ Without mercy ” is certainly one of the most beautiful songs that have been interpreted by Anna Oxa. Love is a fierce conquest
In war and in love, everything is allowed. How many times have we felt it and how many times have we experienced it on our skin in the face of a distant love that escapes us or does not even notice us. And it is here that we can do nothing but put on our best armor and venture into unknown, inaccessible lands, where “snow and swamps” prevent us from advancing. Love as possession
But to displace us and above all that ferocity that suddenly emerges within us, that desire for possession that makes us similar to a cruel general, about to besiege the stronghold of an Empire. Because love, Anna Oxa tells us, can also be this: pure struggle. A ruthless war where every day there is a fortress to conquer, which are our certainties, but also the rigidity of the person in front of us. Love that is not afraid
But we can really win in love
Once we have crossed the swamps, conquered the fortresses, drew our sharp sword, besieged our target, then we will have won
As long as there is fear, until we resist, our desire for love can be fulfilled
And it is here that Anna Oxa’s voice breaks into a desperate cry, which is an unconditional surrender, and the white flag flying over the city to be besieged. As Anna Oxa sings in the final and perhaps most emblematic verses of the whole piece: “Without mercy, I will love you with all this love of mine, and without mercy, I will become your kingdom”. The text
The swamps or the snow will not stop us,
your capital can now be glimpsed,
day after day I ride towards your life I
am the most cruel general on the front,
I take no prisoners and my sword is shining,
earth after earth every one of you fortress I assault
I will find you I will take you I
will take
you forever with me
They will hold you
I will protect
And mercilessly
I will love you with all this love of mine
And mercilessly they
become a fountain
in the desert they
quench your thirst
My hands, your hands in this battle,
and a treacherous ambush in this bush,
roll together along the river of feelings
You I will find
I will take you I will take
you forever with me
I will hug you
conquer I will
And without pity
I will love you with all this love of mine
Without pity I
will become a fountain
in the desert they
quenched you
Do not be afraid of me
even the deepest darkness
that extra thrill
that is you can be worth a chance
Without pity
I will love you with all this love of mine
and without pity I
will become your kingdom
sweet dream
I will win you
I will give you myself and this heart of mine
and without pity
I will wet your lips
with lips
quenched your thirst
Without mercy …

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