We could almost define it as the great return of Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio , former Minister of the Environment and Agricultural Policies and professor at the Federico II Universities of Naples, Milan Bicocca and Rome Tor Vergata. Great supporter of Virginia Raggi and inspirer of the Roma Ecologista list, in support of the re-nomination of the outgoing mayor, headed by another former minister of the second government of Romano Prodi , the urban planner Alessandro Bianchithat between 2006 and 2008 I lead the Department of Transport. In practice Pecoraro Scanio will be present in all the main cities to vote on 3 and 4 October: in the capital with the cinquestelle, in Milan with the Democratic Party, in Naples both with each other. But never with the center-right, he reiterated. The goal – he stated in this interview with Formiche.net – is to go beyond the experience of the environmentalist parties of the last twenty years to demonstrate how, even at the time of the ecological transition, there is still a need for a political force that can be defined in some way green. Pecoraro Scanio, let’s start from the basics. Why Rays
First of all because I prefer to be on the side of the weakest and most denigrated, especially when they are unjustly so as in the case of Raggi. I would say therefore that the first reason is ethical: politics should not become an everyday insult. And all or something else
There are also other reasons, of course: Raggi, in the face of a very difficult task, did well. He found rubble and began to rebuild, starting with the theme of legality. Five years ago he inherited a city in which there was only talk of the capital mafia while today objectively this aura of crime no longer exists. The Court of Cassation, however, ruled out the mafia character of that affair and some of the protagonists were also acquitted. How do we put it
I wouldn’t focus so much on the legal aspects of that investigation. I mean that, beyond the definition, Rome has certainly made important steps forward from the point of view of legality. However, in truth, from this point of view, there have also been
some problems in the last five years.
Certainly they can not be counted , but objectively the climate in Rome has changed. The contracts are all fully regular again and in a city where only emergency sums were made let me say that it is not cheap at all. The administration has always been fair, transparent and equidistant with respect to private interests. So we can practically define her as a super fan of the Rays administration. Right
But no, that’s not the case. I also believe there have been many limits and this is why I do not support the 5 Star Movement, but an ecological list in support of Raggi’s candidacy. And what a list, I want to add. That
is in the sense that it expresses authentic excellence. I will certainly be biased, but we have great values. I will limit myself to mentioning the former Minister of Prodi Alessandro Bianchi , who is the leader, the environmental protection expert of the International Fund for Agricultural Development Lapo Sermonti and Alessandro Cardente , former president of the IV municipality of Rome (now third, ed) at the time of Walter Veltroni mayor. But that pro-Rays ecologist is really, as they say, Pecoraro Scanio’s list in Rome
I consider myself a simple supporter, like Angelo Consoli , the director of Jeremy Rifkin ‘s European office, for example . In Naples, on the other hand, I support the candidacy of Gaetano Manfredi while in Milan Beppe Sala . Basically, we are going to set up a green movement by Pecoraro Scanio. O no
Not a real movement, but a campaign called Eco-digital and which aims to bring together ecological and digital transition. We also support some candidates for city councils. Indeed
Certainly, across the various lists in the field. In Milan Matteo Milione who is a candidate with Sala, in Bologna Massimo Buganiwho is the leader of the cinquestelle, in Naples Nelide Milano of Europa Verde and Ciro Borriello and Flavia Sorrentino who present themselves as independent in the Movement. And on the basis of what Simple supports them
, because they share the idea that at all levels of government today the priority is represented by the digital and ecological transition. In 2021 the environmental movements of the past are no longer enough, we must overcome them. Go beyond. For example
I am thinking of the Environment and Decoration Unit of the capital, set up by Raggi against those who abandon waste on the street. With the Roma Ecologista list, we propose to upgrade from 50 to 500 cameras and from 25 to 200 police officers. For it to work, you need to focus heavily on digital: you need cameras, drones, satellites, artificial intelligence. Here it is, returning to Rome. But the explosion of the waste issue in the last five years, as an ecologist, does not put her in some difficulty in supporting the outgoing administration
The members of the list also argue that Raggi’s work on waste is to be strengthened. But for this to happen, it is necessary to elect councilors in the Capitoline Assembly who are not disloyal like those of the last council. Let’s not forget that the group had a lot of difficulties. Up to the point of closing the five-year period practically in the minority, with numerous ex-councilors cinquestelle today lined up with other parties. As if he explains it
It can happen, as it also happened to Luigi De Magistris in Naples. Of course, common sickness is not half joy. But the president in office of the Capitoline Assembly, Marcello De Vito , is a candidate with Forza Italia certainly cannot be blamed on Raggi. He is sure of it
I mean, and I ask him as a long-time political exponent: is it the fault of the others or is it a demerit of the outgoing mayor to have lost so many pieces on the street in recent years

I would not use the word blame, but I still favor the first hypothesis: the mayor has continued to govern according to the principles of the movement to which he belongs while many of those elected with the cinquestelle passed to other parties. Then everyone is free to make their own choices, but she was consistent with the starting values. And in fact he can count on the support of Alessandro Di Battista who has left the movement but is convinced by his side in view of the next municipal councils. To be precise, however, it supports our ecological list.In the meantime, however, in Rome waste continues to be a huge problem while there is not even a shadow of landfills and plants. In his opinion, the Capitol was not too inert on the issue, to put it mildly
. Large plants and major interventions are the responsibility of the region. In Rome, since many have been engaged in a genuine hunt against the Rays for many years, they tried to make people believe that it was the responsibility of the Capitol. But this is not the case. So the municipality would have no responsibility . It may
have had a co-responsibility, but it is the Region in particular which, unfortunately, has so far failed to build an adequate system. At the time, he remembers the waste crisis in Campania
It was not said that it was mainly caused by the municipality of Naples: the Region is rightly pointed out. This time it’s no different. But Rome must not be autonomous on waste
Autonomous must be the Lazio Region. The question, I repeat, is primarily of a regional nature. Back to Di Battista, but he really thinks he can still make a difference at the polls
I’m sure. His support, added to that of Giuseppe Conte , will allow Raggi to get to the ballot. And the polls
at the moment say more.

The polls are done to be proven wrong. And then Raggi deserves a second chance: he has done an important job, he must be able to carry out the policies he has initiated over the last five years.But if this were not the case
. If he did not get to the ballot, what would you do Would you
vote Gualtieri
I would vote
against the right anyway, that’s for sure. So yes, eventually I would also vote for Roberto Gualtieri . But I believe that the members and voters of the Democratic Party should do the same in the event that the mayor arrives at the ballot in place of the dem candidate. But in his opinion Raggi would vote Gualtieri in the second round
AND would be available to say so openly in case

I can’t know what Raggi would do in that case. But see, there will be no need.
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