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Here is the balance sheet of the 2018 Figure Skating World Championships, with the skaters who stood out in this world championship competition

Carolina Kostner’s fourth place burns at the 2018 Figure Skating World Championships that have just ended in Milan

Carolina Kostner is looking for the medal
at the

2018 World Figure Skating Championships: it will really be his last performance . . Carolina Kostner
will take care of Italy’s honor
, who hopes to end her magnificent career in front of her audience with a podium finish, but in the women’s race the predictions for the final victory are all in favor of Alina Zagitova , fresh winner at the Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018 .
The fifteen-year-old Russian seems to have no rivals, even more so after the forfeit of compatriot Evgenia Medvedeva , silver medalist at the last winter Olympics and reigning world champion. Therefore there will be no challenge between the two, at least in this world competition.
Officially, the 18-year-old Muscovite was forced to give up the world championships in Milan on the recommendation of doctors due to a fracture of the metatarsal of her right foot, which occurred last November, but conspiratorial versions are also circulating : according to some Russian sports sites, precisely because of the ruthless internal competition with the rising star Zagitova, Medvedeva would be in conflict with the coach Eteri Tutberidze and would even have advanced the intention to change citizenship to compete with a different national team, which could already materialize on the occasion of the 2019 world cup.
In its place will perform the seventeen-year-old student Stanislava Konstantinova, making his absolute debut in a world championship. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Konstantinova can already boast in her senior international palmares the victory of the Zagreb Golden Spin 2018 and the last two editions of the Tallinn Trophy, as well as two gold medals in junior international competitions.
Pending the inauguration of the world championships and confirmations or further rumors on the Medvedeva case, all experts and professionals have already bet on the fact that Alina Zagitova will once again be crowned czarina of female figure skating . All that remains is to enjoy the spectacle of the Mediolanum Forum in Assago.

Sofia Goggia enters history as the heir of Isolde Kostner, who won the Downhill World Cup in 2001 and 2002

In advance of a stage here is the winner of the Snowboardcross World Cup, our blue Michela, gold in Pyeongchang

How many times as children we had a dream and we told it to someone or wrote it in a diary
Here’s what happened to the new champion Olympic Sofia Goggia , who even as a child had very clear ideas about her goals.
After her victory in Pyeongchang , she reminded her of an old test where she was asked to express her competitive dream. That questionnaire is now part of her story, as tangible proof of a journey that had already begun in her mind at the age of 9.
Guess what Sofia Goggia responds to the question in question
The dream of my competitive career is: Winning the downhill Olympics
A dream that has come true is that of the skier from Bergamo, who at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics won gold in downhill, as she always wanted.
Today she proudly displays that old questionnaire which apparently contains only the dreams of a little girl who still doesn’t know anything about what will happen when she grows up.
It was October 2, 2002: now, in 2018, she is ready to face new challenges and carry on that dream that has partly come true, but which does not mean having arrived. New challenges await her, starting with the penultimate round of the World Cup which will take place this week, where she wants to give her all.
On her return home she decided to dedicate herself to herself in view of the next tests and, while dedicating herself to her training, she also allowed herself a space to remember her childhood, made of dreams and hopes.
Sofia Goggia not only never lost that hope of one day winning the Olympics, but also her strong personality, which led her this far, becoming a source of pride for all of Italy. Take a look at what she writes at the bottom of the questionnaire when asked “if I do not reach the objectives that I set myself, to what extent I continue to accept me as a person”
complete acceptance!
And the fact that this answer is underlined three times speaks volumes about her determined and gritty character that has allowed her to never give up, despite the difficulties encountered, and to obtain the results she has always wanted.
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