Inspired by a true story, Green book is a 2018 film directed by Peter Farrelly with Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali . Awarded at the Oscars for Best Film and Best Original Screenplay, Green Book tells the story of the friendship between an Italian-American bouncer and an African-American pianist in 1960s America. A film that caused a lot of discussion for the way it deals with a topic that is still very hot today: racism . “Green Book”, the incredible true story winner of 3 Oscars
On air tonight on Rai 1 the film “Green Book”, winner of 3 Oscars and based on the incredible true story of a black pianist.
From those who have called it a masterpiece to those who have pointed to it as yet another film that looks at the racist phenomenon from the point of view of a white man, Green Book certainly has merit. That of having created debate. Because when a book or a film manages to make us stop and reflect on their meaning, the little miracle of art happens .
But now let’s see the reasons why Green Book is a must see movie. What is it about
Green Book tells the story of Tony Lip, an Italian-American bouncer with a dubious education struggling with a difficult economic moment, which forces him to accept a job on the verge of the costume scandal of the time (1960s): to become the driver of an African American. Don Shirley is a world-renowned jazz pianist who resides in New York but has to go on a tour in the southern American states, not at all welcoming towards people of color. In the 1960s apartheid is a fact, accepted by most as the natural state of things. This is why the Negro Motorist Green Book exists, a guide that contains within it the hotels, restaurants, “black-friendly” service stations, where African Americans can stop without fearing for their own safety. Following the indications of the Green Book, the strange couple Tony-Don begins a journey that highlights the ferocious contradictions of racial inequality. READ ALSO: Oscar wins integration with Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody Inspired by a true story
Born in Florida in 1927, Don Shirley was a very successful American pianist and composer in the 1960s. Child prodigy, at the age of two he began to play the piano and at nine he was already attending the Leningrad Conservatory. After years in the world of pure classical music, in 1955 he recorded his first single Long Playing, reaching a popular success a few years later with the single Water Boy from 1961, which even placed 40th on the Billboard Hot 100.
As told in the film, the he African American artist at that point decided to go on tour in the southern states of the USA, where racism was still rampant ferociously. It was a real gesture of defiance, able in its small way to turn the spotlight on the contradictions that animated the salons of post-war America .
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Written by Victor Hugo Green in 1936, a former post office worker in Harlem, the “Green Book” really existed . It was conceived as a guide for blacks to survive in racist America. The first edition was a 16-page issue and covered only the metropolitan area of ​​New York, but from the following year – given the sales success and the requests – it expanded to cover the whole United States, coming to be composed of over 120 pages in the latest edition of 1966. A book that for 40 years, until the approval of the Civil Rights Act, represented a life-saving traveler’s manual for black Americans. A real guide that gave directions to hotels, motels, vacation homes, restaurants, all reserved for blacks. Inside the life-saving booklet there was a section dedicated to evaluations and reviews of the accommodations visited where it was also possible to indicate the name and address of new structures discovered by chance during the trip.
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On The New York Public Library Digital Collections website , under “Green Book”, all are cataloged and reproduced. editions of the guide, from the first edition of 1936 to the last edition of 1966: all browsable and downloadable, in full and free of charge. READ ALSO:

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