Pasapalabra ended its career on Telecinco this October due to a lawsuit by the British production company ITV Studios in which the Spanish justice system agreed with the owner of the format, to which the exploitation and merchandising rights of the format were owed.
Atresmedia acquired the program and not even the confinement has been an obstacle to start recording a necessary contest for Antena 3 to improve its audience ratings. Pasapalabra starts like this this Monday at eight in the afternoon in daily broadcast, following the habits installed for years while the contest was on Telecinco, which benefited the numbers of followers of the news that happened on the grid.
Roberto Leal takes charge of a game that is a custom for more than 2 million faithful daily, a figure that used to be around. The other two evening contests will remain in the Antena 3 programming, Now I fall and ¡Boom! and this Wednesday will be the date on which the serial El secreto de Puente Viejo ends, which says goodbye after nine years and 2,300 deliveries… And where, by the way, Almudena Cid, wife of the former presenter of Pasapalabra, acts Christian Galvez.
The new Pasapalabra premieres with celebrities on the set accompanying the two participants, but without a live audience, as dictated by the obligations due to the coronavirus. After Manel Fuentes, Chenoa, Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska, the celebrities of the prime time delivery that was broadcast this past Wednesday, the first celebrities that viewers will see in the return to the afternoons will be Marta Hazas, Fernando Romay, Berta Collado and the Malaga actor Canco Rodriguez.
At the beginning of the year, Antena 3 already recovered the contest ¿Who wants to be a millionaire
led by Juanra Bonet, who will return to this location as soon as recordings can be resumed in Poland.
The format exploited by ITV Studios recovers a large part of the team that was already working at Mediaset, where it was canceled in October due to the lawsuit. The courts, after a process that lasted years, agreed with ITV for the non-payment of royalties by the Telecinco company, which argued that the donut formula, the star test and axis of the program that debuted on Antena 3 in the year 2000 , did not correspond to the original mechanics of The Alphabet Game that the BBC broadcast at the time without much luck in the mid-90s
. The contest, however, became a meteoric success in its export, such as in Italy (where it began to work the donut) and Spain. On Telecinco it reached more than 2.5 million viewers in the evening slot, ‘platforming’ the later news,with which Antena 3 aspires to repeat the strategy and raise the audience of the Vicente Valles news so that it leads with respect to Piqueras. Antena 3 leads solidly in the after-dinner slot with Sandra Golpe.

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