Lying is the sticky issue that permeates the entire story of ill-treatment within the family of The Wolf is Coming , an award-winning Danish series whose start can be seen on demand on Movistar +. The new chapters, up to the eight that complete it, will be added every Tuesday with the premiere of Movistar Seriesmania.
The beginning of the psychological thriller begins with the confession at school of Holly, a 14-year-old teenager, who accuses her stepfather of violence.It is not clear. The dividing line between lies and truth is blurred. The girl has left her story in a newsroom. A possible fiction, an alleged truth that puts the professor on guard. The social services act immediately and remove the custody of the two minors from the marriage. Stepfather and mother unsuccessfully proclaim their innocence. Each member of the family has a different vision of reality, there are interpretations of everything that happens, in intimate daily life subjectivity becomes a guest when relationships are dark.
They are different concepts of truth and fiction, highlight the creators of the series, which affects how debatable complaints can sometimes be compared to real facts. Basically, the responsibility of the authorities, of the laws, in such a slippery matter. Everyone has their version of things. In a case of abuse, even more so.
The miniseries is the work of Maja Jul Larsen, screenwriter for Borgen. The idea was to deal with the work of social workers, highlighting the importance they have in the work of caring for families facing the abyss. It was the starting point for the assumptions and dramas of this production. A veteran civil servant, Lards Madsen,He is the one who decides to investigate a case that appears more complex than what is observed with the naked eye. There are eight deliveries where the contradictions and unforeseen turns will disorient the viewers, along with the likelihood of a very complicated professional mission.
Denmark, a country where television fiction is an international avant-garde ( The Bridge, Borgen, 1864), has surrendered to The Wolf Comes, with five national academy awards and awards at the Zurich Film Festival or the Gothenburg Film Festival. “We never thought it could be so successful because of its slow pace. We thought it was great, but there was concern about knowing if the public was going to like it”, recognizes Larsen about this documented story to address the work of the police, lawyers and the reaction of those involved.

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