Come, see, see. We imagine that the person in charge of the Lidl marketing campaign will be repeating himself in God knows where in the world. You’ve done so well that your bosses may have given you a sabbatical. After sweeping other European countries, Lidl’s sports shoes had to fight in Spanish lands.
How could it be otherwise, the Spanish public did not disappoint. Not only do we wait with great anticipation for the arrival of the shoes, it is that we Spaniards have been able to sell them out in less than 24 hours. Quite a phenomenon that no one wants to escape, either by signing up for a contest or getting the shoes on a resale website (where they are sold for 500 euros). All in order to have the most viral sneakers of the moment .
The thing is that, although it may seem like ridiculous behavior, it is a very familiar attitude. Four-hour virtual queues to get tickets for that wonderful singer, weeks at the door of a theater to get tickets for a function in which we do not know who is going to participate or thepre-sale of the Iphone that comes out tomorrow, but you want it today. The human mind is predictable and the man in charge of Lidl’s marketing has been able to find the point wonderfully.

From joke to viral phenomenon

These shoes were born as a joke by the company for April Fools’ Day and broke sales records in Germany, France and Finland with their original price of 12.99 euros .Lidl announced that it would present a fashion collection and then it turned out to be a joke. But the seed was already sown and customers began to ask about the shoes, making them go viral .before it even existed. The digital universe did its thing to generate such overwhelming expectation that the shoes needed little more to hit it. Well, maybe they needed a little push, which, of course, the chain’s marketing manager knew how to do like a charm.
And you, are you a Lidl Fan
Participate and win 1 pack of the coolest Lidl products. Comment with the hashtag #ElMestivalDeLidl which is the garment that normally makes you have more flow and win the prize. Check the rules legal here:
– Lidl Espana (@lidlespana) October 15, 2020
The collection that Lidl has released is a capsule collection, this means that stocks are limited. This is where the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) comes into play, which everyone who has seen How I Met Your Mother will have perfectly internalized. What does this mean

That brands, specifically Lidl, take advantage of social anxiety by missing experiences and collective events to guarantee commercial success. We have seen it with the latest IPhone model and now with the Lidle shoes. The difference between both products seems abysmal, but the behavior of the human mind is absolutely the same.
Or is it that nobody remembers the queues at the supermarket when they declared the State of Alarm
We didn’t know why, but we had to buy a lot of toilet paper. And the more scarce it was, the more we needed to buy. We live with the fear of being left out, of not perceiving something that others (those who buy compulsively) do.
Buying an iPhone is something exclusive and that gives us a certain status (if even Pablo Iglesias has one), but getting Lidl’s shoes, which have sold out and are too corporate (being quite generous), is also exclusive, although be a less elitist exclusivity than that of the smartphone. And the human being wants the exclusive, whether it is worth 1,200 euros or 12, whether it is a mobile phone with which to make bobbin lace or slippers that border on the tacky.
In addition to limited production, virtual word of mouth has played a fundamental role in the creation of the phenomenon on the Internet and, in particular, on social networks, with its extraordinary ability to virilize a trend .

What are the lucky sneakers

After passing through countries like Finland, the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, the time has come for fashion lovers in Spain who have not taken a day to get hold of the famous sneakers, some sneakers that are within a collection that Lidl has made a spectacular return on.
Based on your corporate colorsand a ridiculous price, Lidl has established a fashion channel based on socks at 0.99 euros, sandals and t-shirts at 3.99 and, now, these shoes that could be purchased through the web for 12.99 but that many they are already starting to sell for a whopping 650 euros, as is the case with Wallapop under the reason of “limited edition”.
Who said that dressing in a roll is expensive

At last we bring the most anticipated among Lidl fans, our FlowCost collection! Don’t sleep, they fly! ➡
With a lot of flow.
And at the best price.
– Lidl Espana (@lidlespana) October 14, 2020
Blue, yellow and red sneakers, a range of colors of the most bizarreand with the printed Lidl logo on the tongue. The exterior composition is fabric without specifying what type and P leather, a type of plastic created to have the same look and feel as leather. The interior is made of fabric and the sole is made of phylon, which is the material with which the soles of almost all shoes with cushioning and TR are made.

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