The terrorist responsible for the massacre in Vienna was called Fejzulai Kujtim, he was born in Vienna and had dual Austrian and North Macedonian citizenship: 20 years old, sympathizer of ISIS
The terrorist author of the massacre in Vienna, as reported by the Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer , his name was Fejzulai Kujtim, was born in Vienna and had dual Austrian and North Macedonian citizenship.
On April 25, 2019 he was sentenced to 22 months in prison after being arrested at an airport in Turkey, but on December 5 he was released on parole after trying to enlist as a foreign fighter in Syria.
Fejzulai Kujtim, as reported by Minister Nehammer, “to carry out this horrific attack on innocent citizens, he was equipped with a fake explosive belt, an automatic rifle, a pistol and a machete”.
The attacker, a 20-year-old sympathizer of radicalized Isis from North Macedonia, was killed minutes after the attack by the Austrian police special forces near the church of San Ruperto (Ruprechtskirche) in the center of the capital.
Four deaths to which the bomber killed by the police must be added, 17 injured including seven in danger of life and 14 arrests in the hunt for accomplices and supporters: the situation is still very tense in Vienna, severely hit in its beating heart on Monday evening , when the patrons sitting at the tables of six clubs in the center, crowded on the eve of the anti Covid “lockdown”, in effect from today, were hit.
The investigations have already led to 18 house searches and 14 detentions between the capital and southern Austria, in locations such as St. Poelten and Linz. For the investigators, however, there is no evidence that a second bomber participated in the attack. Before the attack, it seems that the young man had posted a photo on his Instagram account showing him with two weapons, but it is not yet clear whether he had sworn loyalty to the Islamic State or not.
Kujtim shot people sitting at bar tables in six different locations in the historic center, a circumstance that brought to mind that terrible November 13, 2015 when people sitting in the “terrasses” of cafes in the 10th Arrondissement were shot in Paris, as well as objectives of the Bataclan and the Stade de France.
The first shooting in Vienna, around 8 pm, took place in the street where the main synagogue of the capital is located, closed at that time and the scene in 1981 of an attack with two victims, close to a very busy area of ​​clubs. The attackers shot at those who sat at the tables on the terraces of the clubs in the city center, in 6 different places in the historic center of Vienna; at 20.09 the twenty-year-old Fejzulai Kujim was shot to death by the agents who had intervened in the meantime.
The affected places are all very close to each other, within walking distance and within the First District. While the attack was still ongoing, witnesses posted about 20,000 videos on social media; immediately he was asked not to disseminate them anymore and to limit himself to sending them to the police, leaving the investigators to work on these documents: a special team of agents has been analyzing them since last night. The victims were two men and two women. Two died after hospitalization; the last and a young man of 21 years. Upgrade the injured cop instead.

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