BB King is the blues and R&B musician, famous for his particular way of playing his guitar. His talent and charisma have made him famous all over the world: songs like The Thrill is gone and Rock me baby have made history. Today marks the 94th anniversary of his birth and Google pays homage to him with one of his cute doodles. So here’s the story of BB King. From humble beginnings to success
BB King was born in Itta Bena in Mississippi on September 16, 1925 and lives with his mother and grandmother. To contribute to the sustenance of the family, he worked from an early age in the cotton fields as a farmer. For every 45 kg of cotton collected he earns 35 cents. From an early age he cultivated a passion for music, especially blues and jazz. This strong passion takes him far. In fact, in 1946 he decides to change his life and leave for Memphis, Tennessee, by hitchhiking. Here in Memphis he learns to play the guitar, which will remain his signature over time, recognizable and loved by a wealthy audience. He began his career as a disk-jockey at Radio Memphis WDIA, which in those years had decided to broadcast only black music. The stage name of BB King
The young man initially calls himself “The Pepticon Boy”, but then changes his stage name to “The Blues Boy From Beale Street”. Due to his length, people don’t take too long to nickname him “BB King”, as he is remembered in the story.
I recorded his first songs at RPM Records in Los Angeles and in the 1950s he established himself as a reference point for R & B music.
However, the real success came in November 1964 when King recorded the album Live at the Regal at the Regal Theater in Chicago, one of his most famous works.
To make him famous outside the R&B and Blues circles is the re-release of The Thrill is Gone by Roy Hawkings.
BB King soon climbed the pop and blues charts and won the Grammy Awards for best male voice in R&B music. And between ’51 and ’85 King appears on the R&B Billboard charts 74 times. During his long and prosperous career he plays with musicians and singers of the caliber of Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Phil Collins, Etta James, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, U2, John Mayer, JGloria Estefan, Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin.
As for Italy, in 1990 he took part in the Pistoia Blues festival with Jefr Healey and Edoardo Bennato.
The Blues star goes out on the night of May 14-15, 2015 while sleeping at his home in Las Vegas. The history of BB King’s guitar
BB King’s figure and his guitar he never parted from, a black Gibson ES-355 he had given the name Lucille to . A story revolves around this guitar. In the mid-1950s, during a performance in Arkansas, two men start arguing, causing a kerosene stove to overturn. A fire ignites in the hall, forcing everyone to flee in a hurry to save themselves from the flames. BB King also escapes from the flames, but when he realizes he has forgotten his acoustic guitar on stage, he returns inside the building. BB king decides to call the guitar Lucille because the reason for the quarrel between the two men was a woman with that name.

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