I don’t and you don’t either, don’t play or pretend dementia!

Moreover, not even men understand each other, they can coexist in a primitive way but not understand each other, why a man NEVER knows what he wants or how he wants it. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little and between them if they understand each other, you see, a basket of chicken wings, a couple of beers, a soccer game and suddenly the men are receptive to each other and can talk about issues of global relevance such as cars, women and sports. But well, they are not so different from a group of women who in a meeting talk about issues that are no more important than men, children and purchases.

Well, I want to be honest and if I am going to complain bitterly about you men, I am also going to hit the female gender hard, because it is fair and above all I am a fair, thoughtful and wandering but fair person. Men and women alike have their dark side, a side so dark that the opposite sex prefers not to unmask and simply say in a frustrated way “Who understands women” or vice versa, because the nature behind their actions is so shocking that nobody decides go looking for him.

I wonder if we are really so different and we function so differently or is it a matter of hormones; yes, a fight between testosterone and progesterone that immediately repel each other like opposite poles in a magnet, hormones that prevent fluid and reciprocal communication in which two people understand each other correctly. Or is it the guts that prevent this exchange of ideas, if feelings play against us and do not let us listen, think and analyze.

When it happened that our brains evolved differently and each gender began to attribute different meanings to words, but above all to facts, when we became body language experts to give a completely subjective interpretation to gestures, movements, smiles, looks, meanings that are so ambivalent and ambiguous (I can be a bit repetitive but that’s why I tie my concept), or we are simply very complex human beings, human beings whose 100% selfish nature betrays us and no matter how much we want to think about others always repeats in our heads ME, ME, ME, ME.

And NO, I am not the modern version of Paquita from the neighborhood, I am simply a young girl who does not understand men, and like me there are many, in fact every woman on the planet will agree with me that understanding the Martian language that men speak is incomprehensible, and if you are a sure man you will be aware that making yourself understood by a female is practically impossible.

But who is different, or where does the communication process fail? Is it us or is it you? I try to be perceptive and understand where the short circuit is that prevents a community of happy men and women, who understand and understand each other. In what filthy place did that happen, or did it happen to us like in the Tower of Babel and when we were very close to perfection something broke, or did we never mind refining the fine art of understanding others and it is worth a cucumber to get to such rapport level.

You know, a while ago I was talking with a friend about how men never know what they want or want it when they can’t have it anymore, but suddenly and now that I’ve chewed it a little more, I understand that women are not that different and to say The truth is that they never have a clear idea of ​​what they want and how much they want it. I think that it is rather our human condition and it would be more accurate to say Homo Sapiens never knows what he wants, thinking about it a little more I do not think it is something related to gender, but rather related to our human condition, to our laziness, to our doubts or to the simple envy that must be a gene that we share globally transmitted from generation to generation.

Because it is not only men who desire at the wrong times or those who revalue the love of a woman forgotten by time, we are all, it is me, it is you, it is the neighbor, the one who does not know what he wants until he sees it lost I don’t think it’s the heart that longs to revive something, but rather our mind is appreciating something, or is it really that when it’s happy it shows and everyone wants you to radiate that happiness.

In matters of love and relationships, I think I’m the least likely to give an opinion, but like everyone I have a mouth and especially fingers to write, so that’s where my right to express my opinion lies and to say as much idiocy about life as I can think of , so ignore me and live your life and try to understand me and others.

I just want to tell you something more about love and women from Venus and men from Mars, we will never understand each other, but we cannot live isolated from each other. Until a couple of days ago I totally denied love and thought please love is marketing for idiots, an internal struggle in which he yelled at me that only the weak-minded could believe such a lie, and on the other hand a little voice told me, it can’t be that bad, surely there is such a great love so real that make my breath stop, a love so magnificent that it gives me so much without asking, a love like Hollywood and the other told me that’s a movie we saw the other day. I think I did a good coco wash because I believed it Everything, even though I haven’t found love and I don’t know how close I am to it, I decided that I’m going to believe it,I decided to tell myself that yes, in this world there is my better half looking for me and waiting for me.

I know I’m going to find you, now I’m convinced, it’s just a matter of searching and having faith. And as Innis says “Behind the curtain under a bed or inside an apple maybe you’re lost among people or just like me or maybe you’re not even out of the womb tell me where to look…”

It is not a matter of understanding each other or rather it is a matter of putting prejudices aside and feeling to live fully.

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