Veronica Berti is the second wife of Andrea Bocelli and the woman who won the heart of the most famous tenor in the world after the divorce from Enrica Cenzatti, married in 1989, and many loves. Born in 1984, Veronica Berti was 21 when she met the artist for the first time.
At the time she was just a provincial girl , awake, beautiful and with many dreams in the drawer , while he was already a tenor appreciated and loved by the 44-year-old audience. Galeotta was a party in Ferrara in which the two met, immediately letting themselves be carried away by passion .
Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti have told several times abouthaving fallen in love instantly . Theirs was a real love at first sight and after that party they never left . After that “It is an honor for me to meet you as a teacher”, the couple have come a long way.
In 2012 Veronica Berti made Bocelli a father for the third time , giving birth to Virginia. Two years later they decided to crown their love with a wedding, celebrated at the Sanctuary of Montenero in Livorno. Mora, determined and with the air of a “comandina” – as the tenor jokingly says -, Veronica has been able to transform herself into a perfect life partner by making Bocelli discover the “moral goodness of monogamy” as she told Vanity Fair.
Theirs was an important story right from the start and today the wife is a fundamental figure for the tenor. Veronica Berti is always present at Bocelli concerts and public appearances. From behind the scenes she makes sure everything is perfect and she is the artist’s best advisor. Not only that: she also manages the foundation that bears the name of the singer, carrying out charity projects all over the world.
“I come from a family that dates back to 1968, a bit of a priest eater – she saidto the weekly Today -. Until I was 20, I didn’t even know the Ave Maria. Andrea spent whole nights teaching me catechism. Only at 23, as a conscious choice, I was baptized. And very competitive. When they told him that at 50 he couldn’t learn to surf, he went surfing for a summer ”.
But how and Andrea Bocelli in the private sector
Veronica Berti himself revealed it: “I am very lucky – she confessed -, because Andrea is very romantic: I have emails that are decidedly private, sometimes they are poems, sometimes rhymes, sometimes … indecent proposals “.
The woman, who is present on Instagram with the account @veronicabertiofficial, recently spoke about her projects during a connection with the studio on Sunday 29 March 2020. On this occasion, she provided details on the humanitarian commitment of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation .
During the connection with Zia Mara, the singer also intervened, who told about their days at home specifying that, unlike her, his wife is not used to resting too much at home. After all, as mentioned earlier, Veronica is a woman with a very active temperament!
As a demonstration of this, it is possible to refer to her the life brackets that she shares on her social networks, where you can see her as a very tender mother .while filming her daughter playing the piano, but also intent on recounting the artistic and beneficial projects she has shared with her husband for years.
Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli – ANSA

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