We know everything (or almost) about Michelle Hunziker . By Tomaso Trussardi , husband at the head of the fashion house with the greyhound, a little less. Let’s try to fill the gaps by telling you in detail who is this handsome entrepreneur from Bergamo who stole the heart of the Swiss presenter. YEARS : 36. Tomaso was born in Bergamo on 6 April 1983, under the sign of the ram. A particular name, Tomaso with a single “m”, which was chosen by his older sister Beatrice. WIFE: Michelle Hunziker, married on 10 October 2014. They met at the Trussardi alla Scala restaurant thanks to Vittorio Feltri. He had actually met Michelle before when she was 19, but she was too young at the time. On February 6, 2018, during the first episode of Sanremo, the presenter came down from the stage and made a dedication of love to her husband: “Hello love, I haven’t seen him for two weeks – she told viewers – Love I love you, you are so beautiful that I would remarry you! ». AGE DIFFERENCE : Compared to his wife Michelle he is six years younger. DAUGHTERS : Sole, born on October 10, 2013 and Celeste, born on March 8, 2015. After the Sanremo Festival, Michelle revealed to Chi that they will be building her third child. STEPDAUGHTER: Aurora Ramazzotti, born on December 5, 1996 from Michelle’s first marriage with Eros Ramazzotti. “With Aurora I have a wonderful relationship, we often join forces like kids against Michelle, who is the one who sets the rules,” she said in an interview with Grazia. MOTHER : Maria Luisa Gavazzeni, beautiful and cultured. She has a degree in economics, a professor of economics at Sapienza, she started working in the family business when she got married to Nicola Trussardi. FATHER : Nicola Trussardi (June 17, 1942 – April 13, 1999), entrepreneur in the fashion sector from Bergamo. Tomaso’s pope died following a violent accident in his Mercedes 2000 coupe.
Maria Luisa Trussardi with her children Beatrice, Gaia and Tomaso SISTERS : Beatrice and Gaia.BROTHERS : Francesco. As for his father, a tragic fate for him too. He died at the age of 29, in January 2003, following an accident aboard his Ferrari 360. WHERE HE LIVES : in Milan with his wife and daughters, but as soon as he can, he returns to his beloved Bergamo. STUDIES : degree in economics. Master in Corporate Finance and Banking at Bocconi University in Milan. PROFESSION : entrepreneur. Or rather, CEO of the family business. A hard worker (after all and from Bergamo), he wakes up very early in the morning and works even 14 hours a day. At 21, he worked for a real estate company. In the past he was also a journalist: he was responsible for the engine column of Libero. HERITAGE: according to the magazines Bilan and Bilanz, the assets of the family business (which includes Michelle, Aurora Ramazzotti and her sister Gaia Trussardi) are valued at between 200 and 300 million francs. We are talking about francs because Tomaso Trussardi is one of the Italian scroungers with a Swiss passport. LOVES : among his ex are Lucia Fabiani, meteorina and coupon to Quelli che… The runner-up to Miss Italy 2005 (as well as ex tronista) Anna Munafo and ex letter Alessia Ventura. He had a long relationship with a girl he met at school. LOOK : when working and always flawless, with a suit and tie. Obviously he always wears Trussardi but sometimes he indulges in strictly unsigned jeans from other brands. INSTAGRAM: follow him on @therealtrussardigram. ADVERTISING : Tomaso was the face of the Trussardi Uomo perfume, MyLand.
Tomaso Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker TV : he was judge of the first edition of the Project Runway Italia program, in 2014. AUTO : he inherited from the pope the passion for beautiful cars, especially vintage ones. TAPIRO : he received a Golden Tapir from Valerio Staffelli for a fine taken in Milan, in Piazza della Scala, while he was trying to go to the motorization to register his new vintage car. On that occasion, even 5 points were removed from his driving license. Source: DiLei

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