Her name is Rosmy , the stage name of Rosamaria Tempone, and apparently she would have managed to make Marracash ‘s head spin . The latter, already in crisis for a while with Elodie, would therefore have found a new flame: once again her attention would have rested on a singer, who in Italy has already enjoyed some success. This is what the gossip says. But the person concerned denies it. Rosmy, the new song Fake News
But she Rosmy wanted to distance herself by denying these rumors with the song Fake News, where she shows that not even the world of music is immune. Rosmy, after being struck by the gossip that saw her as the protagonist, decided to launch a provocation and a slogan #fakenewsfuckyou“A real social experiment, a topic that in my opinion, should not be underestimated – says Rosmy – but faced with determination and courage. That’s why I decided to respond, as I always do, with my music “. Who is Rosmy, the new flame of Marracash Born in
1981, Rosamaria Tempone was born in Zurich and lived for a long time in Milan, but Lucanian blood flows in her veins. She and she the last heir of the Trinchitella family, from which some famous musicians were born who brought the historic tradition of the Viggianese harp all over the world, from Paris to New York. Rosmy – this is her stage name – started singing when she was only 12, putting on a musical group with her brothers.. For a long time she devoted herself to the theater, they study traditional melodies and deepen her commitment especially in the ethnomusical field.
In her curriculum, a long training course stands out : after graduating in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, the young Rosamaria continued her studies at the Academy of Artists in Milan. In the meantime, she has obtained some important roles, such as the one in the music video Parole in circolo by Marco Mengoni or the one in the docufilm Donne Lucane – of which she also signed the soundtrack. Rosmy’s career as a songwriter instead began in 2016, with a beautiful song that allowed her to win the Mia Martini Award .
Since that time, it has achieved several successes nationwide. We saw her, for example, as the protagonist of L’anno che verra to celebrate Rai1’s New Year’s Eve, with a splendid tribute to Mango, but also at the Jesolo and Mestre Festival Show – where she may have even met Elodie , also climbed on the same stage. It could therefore be the common passion for music to have conquered Marracash, who according to Dagospia would have recently started dating Rosmy. Marracash and Elodie, the breakup
For several weeks there has been talk of a possible crisis between Marracash and Elodie, and to tell the truth, the singer had never denied how difficult it was to be next to a man like her partner. Neither of them, however, wanted to deny or confirm the rumors that have recently been circulating about them. At least until rumors about Elodie’s alleged new flame arrived: it would be Davide Rossi, model and marketing manager of Armani, for whom the artist would have lost his head. Now even Marracash seems to have found another love , and that would only confirm all the rumors about the alleged breakup between him and Elodie.

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