Roberto Garofoli is the new undersecretary to the presidency of the Council of Ministers in the Draghi government. All the details on the magistrate formerly head of the cabinet at the Ministry of Economy Roberto Garofoli and the new undersecretary to the presidency of the Council of Ministers. Garofoli is not new to the rooms of the palace, in the Conte I government he was head of the Cabinet for the Economy, when the minister in via Venti Settembre was Giovanni Tria. His career as a magistrate
Tarantino, born in 1966, became a magistrate very young, at the age of 28, after graduating from the University of Bari. In 1994 he became a criminal and civil judge at the courts of Taranto and Trani . In 1999 he entered the Tar of Puglia, to then move on toCouncil of State , where he serves in the jurisdictional and consultative sections. Having become president of the section of the Council of State, he is placed “out of role” to take up government posts. Academic career
Roberto Garofoli has been a lecturer at Luiss and is the author of nine monographic works on legal issues, curator of treatises, manuals and collective works. He is director of the monthly magazine “ Neldiritto ” (Neldiritto publisher), specializing in legal works for lawyers and magistrates. Political offices
Politics has always been part of the working life of the magistrate Garofoli. The first assignment comes during the Prodi II government when he is called to Head of the Legislative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Minister Massimo D’Alema . Garofoli had a role in technical governments: in the Monti Government and Head of Cabinet of the Public Function Department, with Minister Filippo Patroni Griffi , and coordinator of the Ministerial Commission for the development of measures for transparency, prevention and contrast of corruption in the Monti region. With the Letta government he became Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and President of the Commission for the elaboration of measures to combat crime in the Letta Government, including patrimonial ones. With the arrival of Matteo Renzi at Palazzo Chigi, Garofoli passes to the Ministry of Economy, assuming the role of Head of Cabinet. Among the tasks assigned to him by Minister Padoan is the coordination of the joint working table with the Anac which drafted the anti-corruption directive in the subsidiaries of the ministry. Garofoli confirms the role of Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Economy also with the Gentiloni and Conte I governments. The disputes with the M5S
In the autumn of 2018 Garofoliends up in the viewfinder of the M5S. These are the days of the launch of the Citizenship Income and the tensions between via XX Settembre and Palazzo Chigi reach the white heat. Rocco Casalino , in a fiery audio, takes it out on the bureaucratic leaders of the Ministry of Finance, responsible, in his opinion, for hiding the accounts in order to make the launch of the Citizenship Income fail . Among these are also Garofoli and Daniele Franco, the latter now having become Minister of the Economy. The rule in favor of the Red Cross
In November 2018 Garofoli left his post to the Ministry of the Economy. Garofoli finds himself at the center of a political and media storm due to an amendment to the Budget Law which assigns 28 million euros per year for 3 years to the commissioner of the Red Cross . “Luca Carabetta and Francesco Silvestri accused him of a conflict of interest for« the links with the Red Cross », writes the Corriere della Sera today. The M5S identifies in the magistrate the author of the rule that appeared on the eve of the fiscal decree , taking by surprise the Premier Conte and the ministers of his government. In reality, the rule was written in the State General Accounting Office after an interview with the entity, a version of the facts also confirmed by theMef.

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