Lucia Tristancho Dominguin , Lucia Dominguin’s youngest daughter and Miguel Bose’s niece, is perhaps the most unknown member of the clan …until now. The young woman, familiarly called Palito because as a child she liked to pick up sticks from the ground when walking , is 25 years old and competes in the current edition of Survivors, where for the moment she has had to inhabit the Ship Aground and has already been bitten by a group of jellyfish in their attempt, along with three other companions, to fish for food.
Despite the fame of her family, Palito had stayed away from the spotlight while trying to gain a foothold in the world of fashion and painting.Isthe fourth member of her family to participate in a reality show, after her own mother, Lucia, and her cousin Nicolas Coronado, who were in the last edition of MasterChef Celebrity. In addition, his mother’s brother Olfo, had his moments of glory in Come to dinner with me and Survivors himself (in 2009, in which it lasted three weeks and had notorious clashes with several contestants).
With his grandmother, Lucia Bose, his aunt Paula, his mother Lucia, his brother Olfo and some of his cousins, including Nico Coronado.
With his grandmother, Lucia Bose, his aunt Paula, his mother Lucia, his brother Olfo and some of his cousins, including Nico Coronado.
Years before, his adored and unforgettable sister,Bimba Bose did the same in contests such as Levantate All Stars (Telecinco), while her aunt Paola Dominguin started as a presenter on Sabado Noche (TVE) in 1987 and, later, as a collaborator of Channel NÂș 4 (Four) between 2005 and 2007.
Palito, as she herself likes to be called, grew up in the countryside and at the age of 16 she went to London to study Fine Arts . He studied the Baccalaureate in Brighton, where he specialized in Art, Music and Photography. After studying Fine Arts in Bournemouth and upon finishing her studies, she returned to Spain and settled in Barcelona with her boyfriend Harry. Graduated in Fine Arts, she has worked as a teacher, in addition to debuting on the catwalk in 2016, at just 20 years old,from the hand of Francis Montesinos.The sister of Bimba and Olfo Bose, who lives in Barcelona with her boyfriend, has also paraded on catwalks such as the Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Angel Schlesser, Dolores Cortes or Agata Ruiz de la Prada, among others.
She has also made some other forays into the world of acting (especially with roles in the theater) and art, in which her precious embroideries with natural motifs stand out.
Before arriving in Honduras, Palito put a customized swimsuit in her suitcase and did not forget a handkerchief from her grandmother, the remembered Lucia Bose, which she assures will bring her luck.

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