Lisa Lelli and Daniele Silvestri ‘s wife : born in 1979 , she is an actress and is also the mother of Oliver , the third son of the singer-songwriter. She is known to the public for her role in Detective Woman, in February 2022, according to what was reported by Repubblica, her woman was arrested for stealing from Eataly. We retrace her life , her career and also her love story with Silvestri . Lisa Lelli, who and what
Lisa Lelli does is an actress, but little is known about her. In fact, she has always kept secrecy, preferring to keep his life private, as well as the love he shares with Silvestri. In any case, as an actress, she is not a new face: in fact we had the opportunity to see her talent acting her in the series 13dici a Tavola and in Donna Detective.
A life lived away from the spotlight, without ever showing too much, preferring by far to share very little of one’s life, letting work projects speak for themselves . In particular, however, it was her relationship with Silvestri that made us dream: a strong story, born in a very short time and which has consolidated over the years, to the point of becoming a true point of reference. The long love story with Daniele Silvestri
The Roman actress and singer-songwriter have been sharing an intense love story for several years now. They have in fact been romantically linked for a long time, and are a constant presence in each other’s life. Silvestri spent a long time with actress Simona Cavallari – for eleven years – before meeting Lelli. Theirs was the most classic of love at first sight : they fell in love, and since 2012 they are husband and wife .
Even their wedding was extremely confidential and private, a sign that the couple never wanted to show themselves too much, embracing that idea of ​​privacy that has always distinguished them. The event was celebrated at the time in an absolutely discreet way: in a farmhouse in Anguillara, overlooking Lake Bracciano . A place that is certainly romantic and meaningful, dreamy.
Naturally, there were many VIPs who took part in the event, such as the actors Valerio Mastrandrea and Rocco Papaleo. Among other things, Silvestri kept their story hidden for a long time, in particular to protect the other two children – Pablo and Santiago – they had with Cavallari, and to prevent them from being adversely affected in any way. Why Lisa Lelli was arrested and when it happened
In February 2022 Lisa Lelli was arrested following the accusation of theft : according to the information reported by Repubblica, she was caught stealing tricks– including lipsticks – and bottles of wine from Eataly. The first reconstruction of the story focused on Lelli’s attitude: she seems to have attacked the security guard, in order not to give up the tricks and some bottles of wine she was taking away. The actress had no precedent before this event. The fact would have happened on Wednesday 23 February. After validating the arrest for the preliminary investigation, Lelli was released , but she could go to trial.
Lisa Lelli and Daniele Silvestri

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