Juanma Castano and Helena Condis, his girlfriend, are no longer hiding.Since the controversial digital interview of the sports journalist with Ibai Llanos, in which he inadvertently showed his cell phone to the camera and a wallpaper with the photo of Condis, a fellow COPE journalist, could be seen, the rumors have intensified. Now they have been the ones who have made official what was already an open secret.
Juanma, who has gained unusual popularity as a result of her participation in MasterChef Celebrity, posed with her on the red carpet of the Esquire magazine awards. Castano was named ‘Man of the Year 2021’ and both celebrated by photographing themselves together, dressed in gala and smiling.
The woman who has conquered the host of El Partidazo de Cope is Catalan and is in charge of covering the information about FC Barcelona on the same station. He has also worked for other sports media such as El Golazo, El Desmarque, and broadcasting the last European Championship.
Her passion is journalism and in her free time she entertains herself with two of her great hobbies: fashion and beauty.Her favorite food is sushi, so she is a great lover of Japanese cuisine. On Instagram, she can be perfectly branded as an influencer since she has more than 90,000 followers and through her images she shows her lifestyle. Of course, she has not yet published any photo with Juanma.
During his university years, he specialized in sports journalism, and continued his training with sports narration courses. I did professional practices, until I got to COPE, where I started in production work. She assures that it has not been an easy road, but that she has known how to be in the right place at the right time, and that she has been lucky enough to be trusted.
“I have always liked Journalism, I studied my career because I am passionate about telling the world about the things that happen in my case in the world of sports, in soccer, and no, when I was studying, obviously one of my dreams was cover the information about Barca, but I never thought it would come this far,” Condis explained in an interview with the DiarioUF sports portal.
Of his extensive professional experience, he remembers the 2018 World Cup in Russia with special affection, as it was the first he covered, although he regrets that the Spanish National Team did not go further then. The COPE collaborator is considered one of the best sports journalists in the country.Following in the footsteps of Sara Carbonero, Helena was also signed by Mediaset to cover Euro 2021 as a reporter for Deportes Cuatro.

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