The singer Dani Martin is living a new stage in his life, especially sentimental, after a long period in which he has dedicated time to himself, as he has acknowledged in numerous interviews. The magazine Diez Minutos published a few days ago the first photos of his new girlfriend, an influencer with whom he has apparently been dating for almost three months, and whose identity is also known.
This is the influencer Maria Partida, a 33 -year-old girl known on Instagram as Meriloves , where she has more than 86,000 followers; among them, well-known personalities of our country. This medium has shared several snapshots of one of their last meetings, in which they enjoyed the streets of Madrid, the gastronomy of the capital and ended up at the artist’s home, who seems to be in love again.
With a degree in Law and Business Sciences, it was not precisely because of her studies that Dani Martin met her, and it is that Meriloves is one of the best friends of the influencer Maria Pombo and Pablo Castellano , who in turn is a friend since Martin’s childhood.Thanks to the mediatic marriage they met, coinciding at a meal, and since then they have been trying to balance their agenda when the artist is in full tour of his new album.
A few weeks ago, the artist acknowledged that “life is very short, I want to be happy below too, not only in the cloud. I want to walk, run, fall in love, really love, dare, forget to like everyone, caress me, the imperfect, the real. These statements gain strength with this romance already discovered, with which the couple is very happy, also the influencer herself. About Meriloves, the magazine also shares that she is the mother of a two-year-old girl, whom the artist has not yet met, and that she had the fruit of her marriage in 2018 to former Real Madrid footballer Pedro Mosquera.
At 44 years old, Dani Martin has a long list of conquests. The best known was Patricia Conde, a teenage love that resurfaced again when their paths crossed and they had an intermittent relationship between 2007 and 2009. Today they continue to maintain a great friendship.
Later, the stylist Huga Rey came into her life , a great friend of Eugenia Martinez de Irujo and godmother of Tana Rivera, with whom she had been dating for a little over two years.
Later he dated the journalist Melissa Jimenez , to whom he allegedly was unfaithful with Blanca Suarez. The crush between the singer and the actress occurred during the filming of a video clip of his, that of the Emotional theme.
The last known girlfriend of the singer was Bego Martin, whom he met in 2018. Now the influencer Maria Partida has crossed paths with him.

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