The first of the two debates prior to the general elections next Sunday, April 28, has followed the planned script. Pedro Sanchez was the one who had the most to lose and has tried to maintain the same tone as in what we have been campaigning for: proposals and fleeing from the confrontation. The center-right candidates were in the opposite situation and have come out more aggressive than the rest, but Albert Rivera has been more virulent. He has even stirred up Pablo Casado. The fourth in discord, Pablo Iglesias , with the Constitution in hand, has taken a conciliatory tone, but has been somewhat blurred.

Pedro Sanchez

did not want to get muddy. When Pablo IglesiasHe has reminded him that the Minimum Wage of 900 euros has a purple signature, Pedro Sanchez has become an environmentalist out of the blue. But it was the socialist candidate who first alluded to Vox . Neither Rivera nor Casado have dared. The rest has been based on reading the BOE of the last 10 months and reminding others of what was left in the inkwell. And in giving gray hair to the independentistas.

Pablo Casado

The leader of the PP has a historical memory. Do you remember Filesa. There is no debate in Spain from which corruption is absent, but Pablo Casado believes that this scourge will end with it. “I preside over the PP to turn the page.” He leads the center-right bloc and has reminded his potential partner of that. “I am not your adversary,” he told Rivera. It is Sanchez, who will govern with ” batasunos and independentistas “. If they let it.

Pablo Iglesias

The aggressive Pablo Iglesias who used to fill bullrings was not in TVE ‘s Studio 1 on Monday . The leader of Podemos has in Anguitato one of his referents, but he has been abandoned by the Fathers of the Constitution of 78. He is not the enemy to beat and it shows. Attacks on the Bolivarian left have almost completely disappeared. And that Iglesias wants to govern with a Sanchez he distrusts.

Albert Rivera

The orange candidate has claimed silence in his golden minute. A silence that I attribute to Pedro Sanchez in the face of the problems that, in his opinion, plague the country. Albert Rivera has been the toughest in this block debate. I even hit Pablo Casado, who should be his traveling companion in case the center- right – with Vox included – joins. With Sanchez, the person responsible for the silence, he insisted that he is not going to agree.

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