The Grande Centro dreamed of by Brunetta and Calenda could only be created with alchemy from the Palazzo: with the return to proportional and with a barrier or with a majority premium. The real goal
Disrupting and ending the center-right coalition.

In more recent times Matteo Renzi premier called it the “Party of the Nation”, in the past there was the original, the DC, or the number one representation of the Center. Now they are called new pro-European and moderate alliances in the centrist projects of Renato Brunetta and Carlo Calenda, which have the common goal of putting Lega and FdI, or the notorious “sovereignists”, on the corner.
In any case, from the Renzian party of the Nation, shipwrecked with the defeat in the constitutional referendum, onwards, the attempt is always the same: the so-called cutting of the wings, that is of those forces considered extreme to slap, perhaps for life, the opposition, to create a central body pivot of the system. But like all projects at the table it is difficult to come to terms without the host.
The new conventio ad excludendum would be done to the detriment of parties such as Lega and Fratelli d’Italia which collectively collect more than 40 percent, even though they still need Forza Italia to win. In any case, these are forces that, unlike the PCI and the MSI, in the Cold War era, outside, with different weights and positions (the PCI was not entirely), from the famous control room, Lega and FdI they have already been in government with full rights, after the advent of bipolarism with the descent into the field of Silvio Berlusconi in ’94. To marginalize them would be an operation that the same voters, who remained at home to these administrations, would not understand, according to the Swg poll yesterday in the Corriere, mainly because they are disenchanted by politics, where they warn not to affect with the vote, afflicted by concrete unresolved problems.
The mythical Center, already released with few numbers, with some exceptions, at this round of the Administrative, could be recreated with alchemy from the Palazzo. That is, with the return to proportional, with a barrage or with a majority premium, it depends, but in any case with a single goal: to disrupt and put an end to the center-right coalition. Coalition even with big problems, although “tossed”, but still existing with almost 48 percent of the consensus and, according to Swg, with a league that, albeit by a whisker surpassed by the Democratic Party, but the first center-right party returns. And that center-right that governs the clear majority of the regions towed by the League. To the centrists of Forza Italia – who contest Silvio Berlusconi himself, a somewhat singular case, against which Cav himself has already intervened by dryly saying “things out of reality”,
Yet they arrived, sometimes driven by the League itself, with the exception of the strong affirmation of the blue Roberto Occhiuto in Calabria. Or come, as in the Marche region, where the contribution of FdI was important.
Between saying and doing, perhaps even in politics there is a little bit of the sea. Even if the next election, with the start of the voting in January, of the Head of State will already be a first decisive test on where these maneuvers are concretely headed. Because the new centrist numbers in the Palazzo would have them to disrupt the games of that center-right which, in a joint note by Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, clearly stated: no to proportional and compactness on the election of the Head of State .
But in any case, net of stolen audio, problems and differences that remain in the coalition, there is another fact that prevents, at least for now, the return to proportional: the no at the time of the Pd secretary, Enrico Letta, as we had already written in a note on Startmag, precisely because he is attributed the intention, which he himself has not excluded, to return to Palazzo Chigi. And in this case, since the left cannot occupy all the boxes, a super partes figure at the Colle, like Mario Draghi, contrary to what Letta himself has said so far and that is, he would like it at Palazzo Chigi until 2023, could be fine. Certainly Draghi, if not Berlusconi himself obviously even more, could also be good for the center-right, in this scheme that remains bipolar, if the coalition emerges victorious from the 2023 policies.
But assuming the case of a center-right victory, it would be much more likely that the left would like, as always, a personality expressed by you such as, for example, Paolo Gentiloni sul Colle.
In any case, now both on the left, apart from some suggestions not to be underestimated by Goffredo Bettini, and on the right there is no longer talk of early elections. Salvini himself has already said that in the case of Draghi going to Colle, there would be another government that carries out the objectives of the current national emergency one. An executive, where as the dem themselves admit, the mere presence of Salvini is already in itself a real impediment to the return to proportional, with Italian-style “Ursula” formulas that would see in the dreams of neo-centrist Lega and FdI perhaps slapped for life to the opposition.
This is why even yesterday, while grappling with the Palermo trial, which will also see the presence of the American actor Richard Gere as witnesses, the Northern League leader spoke on the phone with Berlusconi with whom he agreed a meeting between all 6 Forza Italia and Lega ministers. And at the same time he reiterated that he wanted to work to bring Meloni’s FdI into confrontation with Draghi on taxes, work, starting from the budget maneuver. Salvini actually put on the clothes of the “federator”, as he himself said. Although the centrists or moderates of FI have so far denied that federation of center-right government that the former interior minister had proposed. But in politics, facts are often more important than formulas.
Although Berlusconi today in an interview with Corriere della Sera relaunches himself as a federator, noting that Meloni and Salvini “have too much characterized profiles”. But it certainly would no longer be the Cav if he did not claim his role as federator and founder of the same center-right. In short, a move to be taken into account. In any case, Berlusconi is clear about one thing: he rejects the “moderates” of his house even more sharply to the sender: “It is I who in Forza Italia called the line”. This is also even more predictable for those who should know him better than everyone in the party he created. And it is always for the same reason that Berlusconi let alone want to be “commanded” in a new center by Renzi or Calenda.
The whole objective paradox of a center-right remains where FI comes after Lega and Fratelli d’Italia in numerical consistency.

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