Summer is coming to an end and, like every year, going back to the office in September is an uphill battle, even though autumn trends have already made us cringe Saying goodbye to the beach and vacations is not a dish of good taste. However, September is a month that has a lot to offer us: new projects, reunions with friends and colleagues and the illusion of choosing the perfect pants for office looks. It is not always easy to find the key to the perfect outfit to face the return to the routine(although we can always bet on looks that continue to wear summer trends), for this reason, we propose some ideas so that your September looks make you stand out as the most stylish in the office by wearing a basic in every wardrobe: the white shirt.
Returning to the office is a clash with reality, after months of colorful clothes (with what it has cost us to learn to combine the most fashionable colors), relaxed and cheerful looks, it’s time to return to the routine. Going back to the alarm clocks and schedules may not sound tempting, but it is clear that starting the month with a mind full of new looks that make us feel comfortable and beautiful helps us to face the return to the office, especially if we do it with garments that we already have in our wardrobe. Looking inside our wardrobe we will find timeless garments that we had forgotten during the months of rest, and that this autumn will become our greatest ally, among them the white shirt (there is never enough).

The white shirt is a versatile garment that has been transformed throughout history, becoming a basic in any wardrobe. Its success lies in the fact that it is a classic garment that offers the possibility of combining elegance and comfort . For this reason, in September it will be our greatest ally to create those looks that allow us to follow the latest trends, while we get used to the routine again.

Combine white shirts from past seasonswith other garments (new or not) is truly an art, although at first glance it seems simple. For this reason, we offer you the inspiration you need to recreate the most comfortable and stylish looks based on the white shirts you already have in your wardrobe and prepare your return to the office with enthusiasm (and style).

‘Total white look’ with a white shirt, the ideal look to show off tanned skin

Nothing is more desirable in September than to highlight and show off the tan , especially if we are one of those for whom the arrival of October erases any possible bikini mark. Retrieve your most forgotten white shirt from the bottom of the wardrobe (either with a romantic touch and lace, long and with a V-neck…) and combine itwith a skirt of the same color . You will achieve a minimalist and flattering look that will highlight your tanned skin. You can enhance your office outfit with striking accessories and your favorite bag.

White shirt and earth tones, the choice of those who seek to succeed in the office

A long-sleeved shirt with a V-neck has infinite possibilities. This autumn, dare to arrive at the office combining it with earth tones: beige, nude, brown, ocher… The mixture of this palette will bring elegance and unity to your look. For a casual style, choose to wear your white shirt with some buttons undone and on the outside of wide pants. If you are looking for a more romantic look, choose a shirt with special details such as lace or ruffles .

White shirt and crop top, the choice of the most daring

The crop top has been our ally during the summer, but when September arrives we are still not ready to get rid of it completely. We have the solution. Use your white shirt under your favorite crop top of the summer season and thus create a totally different look. The options are endless, you can wear your crop top over the shirt combining it with mom jeans, leather skinny jeans, long or midi skirts… If you are not convinced that this trend is for you, but you want to dare to try it, start using crop tops monocolors .

White shirt and cycling tights, the look of those who bet on comfort

The perfect combinationthat will allow you to arrive comfortable, fashionable and super stylish to the office this autumn exists, and it is as simple as adding one of the most famous trends this 2021 to your white shirt in the wardrobe ; cycling shorts. You can bet on an XXL shirt over your tights, thus combining elegance with a more sporty touch. Other options are to add a belt to your outfit to frame the waist, or opt not to fasten the shirt , exposing your favorite crop top.

White shirt and hot pants, the look of girls who dare with fashion trends

Creating new looks with clothes that have been in your closet for years is not always an easy task, but the white shirt is a versatile garmentthat does not give many problems when combining it with other more innovative garments. This fall, dare to combine your shirt with a trend that has been going through the most recognized catwalks for some time: hot pants or ultra -short pants . Combine them with wide or oversize white shirts to balance your outfit. Everything indicates that hot pants, inherited from the 2000s, will sweep the streets this fall 2021, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the most fashionable in the office this fall and get one now.

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