White is one of the few furnishing colors that knows no fashions and seasons. Refined, elegant, only apparently anonymous and capable of creating ever new and interesting furnishing combinations. An evergreen that is always trendy and opens the way to ultra-versatile mixes and matches. Declined in infinite shades that go from the coldest chalk white to warm butter white, and a perfect color, at home, to develop a welcoming and anything but banal “new” normality. Let’s find out how to best combine it and in which environments you can really reveal the perfect color. A new total white to be developed with different styles
Often considered too cold and icy as the only protagonist, the most “contemporary” white furnishing now allows simply interesting total white solutions, if it is composed and developed well on different fabrics and materials. If thought of in this way, it is anything but cold and is perfect for renovating low-light and / or not particularly large rooms to which it gives quality and great style. Ideal with all furnishing trends, from the new minimalism to the timeless shabby chic, from the Scandinavian style to the beloved industrial one, and more and more often the perfect ally of new interior solutions. If you want to opt for total white environments, however, to prevent the “doctor’s office” effect from occurring,Perfect for playing with surfaces
Wood, stoneware, ceramic, stone, concrete and resin are just some of the components that always find a new test bed in white. Interesting in its many material variations, white finds development and use with all kinds of materials. Whether it’s floors or coverings, playing with a white surface, more or less material in the texture that is glossy or opaque, then allows you to experiment with interesting chromatic and style games. Considered a safe choice for the floor, especially if developed with opaque surfaces (ceramic, brick and bleached wood …), in the floor / wall combination it can be a little anonymous and sometimes be a little outdated and therefore not really easy to modernize. To update the combination, the advice is to play on material contrasts by combining,Ideal for the bedroom
Free of limitations compared to other colors, white is a color that goes very well in any room of the house, but especially in the bedroom that “color does not color” (especially if thought of in the hottest shades) can give reassuring spaces which are unlikely to tire over time. Furthermore, a bright and sophisticated color will allow you to renew the sleeping area in a little and with little, giving you always new spaces even with not particularly expensive solutions. In fact, more than other colors, white also opens up the possibility of creating “do-it-yourself” solutions to be created independently by repainting, for example, furniture and accessories. In the room, in addition, it is very good to embellish the environment with new and / or vintage textile elements such as curtains, bedspreads and cushions, to be combined tone-on-tone or, if desired, by overlapping different shades. If conceived in the whiteness of white, the textile elements will give the space, whatever the style, a sense of cleanliness, but also warmth and great brightness, making the whole look large and extremely welcoming.
A color that is a real neutral canvas to customize, a perfect shade as a trait d’union that allows you to put different colors and / or different styles together in the same environment. Often considered an anonymous color, white is on the contrary a characterizing and precise color that invites tranquility and opens up to harmony and light. Extremely customizable when combined with lighter woods, such as oak, or with more trendy colors such as the range of greens or blues, it gives life to fresh and modern, current and interesting spaces.

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