A corner sofa inspires moments in company, a sofa bed for festive days with guests at home, a 2-seater sofa the warmth of a small but well-furnished apartment. If the time has come to answer the question ” which sofa to choose for your home
“, you are in the right place.
In the article, you will find ideas and advice on how to find the sofa that best suits your needs, how to keep it neat and shiny and combine it with cushions and throws. How to choose the sofa that fits perfectly in your home
To understand how to choose the sofamore suitable for your apartment or house, you need to arm yourself with a meter and patience. In fact, the first aspect to be evaluated is the space available. It is necessary to decide which is the appropriate location for the new sofa and therefore to establish which is the most suitable model. A corner sofa or sofa bed generally requires more space than a model suitable for a couple’s small two-room apartment. A 2-seater sofa can measure as little as 120 cm in width and is the optimal solution when space is scarce. Large and comfortable sofas, angular and with peninsula
Where square meters abound, large and comfortable sofasthey welcome lovers of naps and evenings lying down to watch a film or read a book. A sofa with peninsula measures an average of 250 cm in width and has a depth of 160 cm. For a corner sofa you need two walls of two meters each, while a sofa with a corner terminal can be bulky and measure 270 cm by 230. Comfort and elegance: what a good sofa must be
Comfort and elegance are combined or alternatively when you chooses the sofa for the living room
It depends. To ensure a comfortable and beautiful sofa, some good rules must be remembered and respected at the basis of a correct posture. Maintaining a position that does not lead to aches and pains on the sofa cushions is not easy. We need a model that favors it. The seat and backrest must have an angle between them that prevents the body from sliding forward. The back needs to rest completely on a slightly inclined surface that supports the lumbar area above all well. The seat of minimal and more welcoming sofas
The depth of the seat is what distinguishes “conversation sofas” and “sleep sofas”. On the first one you can spend the evening chatting between a coffee, a liqueur, a glass of wine or even an herbal tea. On the second you end up lying down, ready to relax, pampered by the softness, happy to watch a movie or read and then fall asleep. THEMinimal sofas with a sophisticated and essential design have seats that are 45 cm deep, graceful to the eye, but not very welcoming to the body. The minimum length of a seat that is comfortable for sitting and chatting with friends is 55 cm. From 60 cm the effect of total relaxation and possible sleepiness begins. With seats of 80 cm or deeper, a nap is guaranteed. The right tone: how to choose the color of the sofa
Who has to choose a sofa for the living room, or another space, sooner or later also thinks about how to choose the color of the sofa. The possibilities of choice are almost infinite because there are almost infinite materials, colors and patterns for the object that is the protagonist of a living room. Therefore, our taste can be unleashed, with initial enthusiasm and possible regret in the second place. In fact, it is important to pay attention to the color combinations between furniture, walls, floor and sofa. The result must be harmonious and not patchy, or possibly harlequin. The ideal sofa for a modern or minimal living room
If the furnishing of the room where the modular , corner, 2-seater or immense sofa is placed is modern or even minimalistic, there are two possibilities:

  • stick to the sobriety of the whole and therefore choose a neutral-colored sofa;
  • decide that the sofa is our disruptive element and play with a contrast effect.

In the first case, the perfect shades are all those of gray, beige, white and black. In the second, we find a wide choice of bright colors, lively or pleasant ornamental patterns. Shapes and shades suitable for rustic or shabby chic environments
A living room with walls covered with wooden boiserie, an exposed brick ceiling or rustic furniture, requires a sofa with warm colors and soft shapes. A set of shabby chic furniture in a completely romantic room, on the other hand, becomes even more beautiful with a sofa in a pastel shade or light gray or beige.
Corner sofa, sofa bed, 2-seater or large: types for all tastes
The choice of the type of sofa depends a lot on the personal needs of those who use it. In fact, for some people the sofa must be a sofa bed , because they live in a studio apartment, or because it represents the only way to host family and friends. For others, the sofa is the perfect place to chat with the family or with guests: in this case, the best choice is the corner sofa , because it allows you to look at each other without contortions. A 2-seater sofa is the icing on the cake of a cozy small two-room apartment. The modular sofa
A good solution for large and personalized spaces is the modular sofa, that is modular with different modules according to specific needs. It allows to obtain unusual shapes and possibly daring color combinations a little over the top by choosing modules of contrasting shades. They can be of any size, combined with poufs and beautifully extended with a chaise longue. There are many different models of modular sofas that satisfy the most disparate preferences: from the lines reminiscent of chesterfield sofas to the large and soft design of the most sophisticated modern style. Where to place the sofa in the living room
What is the most suitable position for a sofa in the living room
Each sofa has its right place. And the right place is found by evaluating several factors: the size of the room, the set of furnishings, the brightness of the environment. It is important that the sofa is close to a support surface , such as a coffee table, shelves or an ottoman. Also, it is good to corner with a source of natural light . If the living room or living room is very large, the sofa can be placed in the center: thus it becomes the protagonist of the furniture and separates the functions of two areas of the room. How to clean the sofa: washing the sofas at home
The upholstery of the sofa affects the ability to clean it easily or not. In fact, some materials can be easily removed, while others require special care. The removable fabric sofas allow cleaning with classic domestic methods: just start the correct program of the washing machine. If the sofa is not removable, or the upholstery requires special precautions, it is advisable to rely on companies that provide home washing of sofas . The specialized companies do not just clean the covers of the cushions and the frame, but also take care of sanitizing the padding. The cushions for the sofa
Maybe the sofa in the house is already there. But it seems a little boring, a little bare, a little touchy. To make it become a little more lively, sofa cushions of different sizes, colored, plain or patterned are perfect. For example, if you would like to know which cushions to put on a white sofa , free your imagination and choose a color with a lot of personality. You can also indulge yourself and choose one decorated with flowers or geometric shapes or figures of all kinds. When, on the other hand, the point is “how to put the cushions on the sofa ”, take the angles between the armrests and the backrest as a reference and start from there: they are the right place for the largest cushions; from there, arrange the cushions in descending order towards the center of the sofa. Peaceful evenings with the sofa blanket
Another way to give personality to dull sofas and combine them with throws perfect for autumn and winter evenings. In fact, the plaids can be placed on the same sofa, becoming a sort of permanent ornament for the cold months. The sofa covers are available in many variations, colored, with writings, without writings, with real cartoons. There are also sofa throws with built-in arms and hoods to ensure maximum warmth.

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