MILAN – The adventures of the Lord of the Rings have really fascinated everyone, young and old. Impossible not to be fascinated by those landscapes, by the characters, by the adventures, by the magic … Whether you have read the books, or if you have only relied on the film version, surely you too, at least once, have identified with some characters: how it would be been living in middle earth
You would have been part of the elves, the hobbits, the dwarves or you would have been humans.
To find out, just answer these few questions.
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  • Someone is threatening your land and it’s time you get ready to fight. But you must first choose a weapon, which one do you take

    • An ax to knock off the enemy’s head in one fell swoop
    • Bow and arrows. Calm and precision are your strengths
    • A dagger. Small but effective
    • A sword. No one is better at using it than you
  • You are walking through the woods, when at a certain point some strange beings appear in front of you, similar to little orcs. What do you do

    • You are looking for a point of dialogue
    • You start the battle right away
    • You attack them and start cutting heads!
    • They are really a lot! You’ll never be able to fight them … better escape!
  • You finally have an evening all to yourself, what do you do

    • Work work work. What better time to think about the next battle plan
    • Nothing, I’m at home and invite some friends
    • You go out !! A pub crawl with a nice beer and some friends is ideal
    • An evening in the open air, to read a good book or maybe to write some poetry
  • What would you like to do when you grow up

    • I will be a leader, for sure!
    • Writer!
    • I enlisted in the army
    • Travel and explore all of Middle-earth
  • Holidays are approaching … what are you organizing

    • Art and culture have always fascinated me. A tour of the most important cities would be ideal
    • Mountain!
    • I love being outdoors so I definitely go camping
    • Relaxation is the watchword on holiday… so, cruise!
  • How do you like to spend your free time

    • Wandering the streets and always meeting new people
    • Meditate
    • Polish weapons and knives
    • Take long walks in the woods
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