Finding destinations for a quiet holiday in August , especially in the week of August 15th, is a really difficult task. In Italy, the August holidays pour the population along the coast of the boot, so the combination with a quiet holiday seems more an oxymoron.
Of course, forget places like Rimini or Forte dei Marmi , also because unless you have booked months in advance, you will hardly be able to find a free place, much less if you want to spend little.
Here are some suggestions, also the result of the tourism observatory, to identify and choose the best destinations to go to on August 15th on a budget .
Destination Average cost of stay (7 days / 6 nights) Sicily: Syracuse, Mazara del Vallo, Sciacca, Trabia from € 540.00 per room – see details
Calabria: Soverato, Sellia Marina, Crotone, San Nicola Arcella from € 450.00 to room – see details
Puglia: Pulsano, Vieste, Lecce, Rodi Garganico from € 720.00 per room – see details
Basilicata: Pisticci, Policoro, Maratea from € 750.00 per room – see details
Campania: Sapri, Palinuro, Battipaglia from € 390.00 per room – see details
Molise: Termoli, Campomarino from € 480.00 per room – see details
Lazio: Nettuno from € 540.00 per room – see details
Abruzzo: Vasto, Ortona, Martinsicuro from € 570.00 per room – see details
Marche: Fano, Ancona, Civitanova Marche from € 498.00 per room – see details
Emilia Romagna: Cervia, Bellaria Igea Marina from € 600.00 per room – see details
Albania: Dhermi, Saranda from € 420.00 per room – see details
Montenegro: Cetinje, Budua, Kotor from € 240.00 per room – see details
Malta from € 540.00 per room – see details
Bulgaria: Burgas, Varna, Sunny Beach from € 360.00 per room – see details
Croatia: Zadar, Pula, Pag from € 420.00 per room – see details

Travel tips post COVID-19
If you are planning a trip, make sure you are in line with safety measures. Follow government guidelines and only return to travel when the green light is given. Prefer natural and perhaps non-mass destinations, and in general promote local tourism: discover the wonders of your city, your region and your state. Try to avoid long-haul travel and at most choose destinations that can be reached with a few hours of flight.

1 – Sicily: Syracuse, Mazara del Vallo, Sciacca, Trabia
Sicily is a must for summer holidays by the sea, but for this reason it is not easy to find availability at affordable prices. Although in fact it is a region all in all low cost,in August the main nerve centers such as Taormina, San Vito lo Capo and the islands are super crowded and with very high prices .
But Sicily offers excellent solutions for those who do not want to miss anything but with a little attention to the wallet: we start from Syracuse, which a little because of the connections maintains a standard of prices a little lower than in Catania and Palermo. Of course, in the center of Ortigia a room will cost an arm and a leg, but if you are satisfied with a few kilometers by car or bus to go to the beach, there will be no shortage of accessible solutions.

On the Trapani coastinstead we suggest Mazara del Vallo, an extraordinary center with a decidedly lively nightlife but also ideal for families, with a promenade equipped with games, slides and areas made especially for children. And then you eat divinely!
The same goes for Sciacca, a delightful village that is affected only by a somewhat articulated road system, with tangles of streets that make up and down but, even here, with beaches, pedestrian areas, places of nightlife. And all in all costs below the regional average .
We conclude with Trabia, on the coast between Palermo and Cefalu. An underrated stretch of coast but one of the most beautiful in the region, with the nearby towns of San Nicola l’Arena, Bagheria and the Bay of the French which are hidden pearls ideal for those seeking relaxation even in August and also low cost!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & bs from € 75.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Palermo or Catania from € 23.00 – check the offers

2 – Calabria: Soverato, Sellia Marina, Crotone, San Nicola Arcella Calabria is
also a low cost region , but even here in August the prices go up, especially in the nerve centers such as Tropea and Isola di Capo Rizzuto. Better then to look for quieter and low cost destinations, but which have nothing to envy.
Along the Ionian side, Soverato is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Southern Italy . The nightlife is the most popular of the entire region, and is concentrated around some historical structures such as the Margot and the Rebus which, after sunset, turn into real open-air clubs.
On the same side, between Soverato and Isola di Capo Rizzuto, Sellia Marina is one of the blue flag beaches of Calabria, ideal for families and in an ideal position to move along the Gulf of Catanzaro.
Further north on the same side, Crotone is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the entire region , between the deep waters of the Ionian Sea and the woods of the natural parks. Culturally very lively, it offers various possibilities for recreation and a splendid sea where you can simply relax. And the prices are very affordable !
On the other side instead, the Tyrrhenian one, San Nicola Arcelle is located on the stretch of coast called Riviera dei Cedri . Its beach is absolutely natural, sandy and white in color. It became famous for the Arcomagno cave, a small bay enclosed in a large natural rock structure in the shape of an arch from which a beam of light passes which creates fantastic reflections on the water.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 90.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Lamezia Terme from € 61.00 – check the offers

3 – Puglia: Pulsano, Vieste, Lecce, Rodi Garganico
Puglia is one of those regions that explodes with beauty in the summer but … also with tourist crowds! The beaches of Salento in particular are taken by storm, and inevitably the prices skyrocket. Summer poles like Gallipoli and Polignano a Mare become practically inaccessible unless you book months in advance. Excellent alternatives, a little quieter and low cost, can be the areas of the Gulf of Taranto or the Gargano .
Specifically, Pulsano is located almost on the edge of the Salento region, therefore it is also an excellent starting point for visiting the southern coast of Salento, from Punta Prosciutto to Porto Cesareo. But if you are looking for tranquility, it is better to stay in Pulsano, which will not make you miss clear waters, beaches and all that is expected from Puglia.
The same goes for the Gargano area: Vieste and Rodi Garganico are located along the coasts of the Gargano National Park , an extraordinarily beautiful area that is ideal for combining sea and nature excursions and trekking in the park.
Finally, Lecce, the hub of Salento: in summer and in August in particular we move along the coasts, so it is possible to find availability and slightly more accessible prices in the city.. Of course, you will have to take the car every day to reach the sea, but it is only a few kilometers away and you will also have the advantage of being able to decide every day a different place to visit!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 120.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Brindisi from € 20.00 – check the offers

4 – Basilicata: Pisticci, Policoro, Maratea
Be, if you are looking for a low cost destination … Basilicata is the top! In fact, even in August the prices are among the lowest in Italy . Yet places such as Maratea, Policoro, but also Nova Siri or the hinterland, with Matera and the Murgia Materana, are places of exceptional beauty.
If you want to stay along the coast, the council is Marina di Pisticci, Policoro or Maratea.

Marina di Pisticci offers 8 km of coastline equipped with excellent services , suitable for families with children. The sea, with its transparent waters, is protected from currents and is always very calm.

Policoro contends with Metaponto the title of the most popular tourist resort on the Ionian coast of Lucania. Here too you will find large sandy beaches and in its waters it is not at all rare to meet some sea turtles. A few steps from the village you can visit the archaeological site of Heraclea, one of the most important centers of Magna Graecia.

Maratea is known as “the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian” . In addition to the historic center, we suggest you explore the surroundings a little too, starting from the small Grotta Marina di Maratea to the beautiful neighboring beaches (Santa Teresa, Spiaggia Nera, La Secca, Cala Ficarra, etc.). In front of the coast of Maratea there is the island of Santo Janni, where the homonymous Dragon lives, a protected blue-brown lizard.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 125.00 per night – Look at the offers

5 – Campania: Sapri, Palinuro, Battipaglia
Photo by Riccardo Pesce. Usually when we think of the sea of ​​Campania we refer to the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento Peninsula, or the superchic Capri and Ischia. Well, for a quiet and above all low cost holiday, forget them. Impossible to think of not spending a fortune on these top destinations.
Rather, an excellent compromise can be reached in smaller locations such as Sapri, Palinuro and Battipaglia, which will not miss anything.

Sapri is located in the Gulf of Policastro, right on the border with Basilicata. The town overlooks the sea, with behind it a territory of wooded hills that make the landscape unique. The promenade is a meeting place for locals and tourists, but in Sapri you can also appreciate the caves along the coast that reaches Maratea in Basilicata.

Palinuro, slightly further north, is a coastal town in the Cilento Park . The Saline beach is located in the northern part, with soft golden sand, ideal for families with children thanks to its splendid transparent waters and shallow waters. At Capo Palinuro then there are the caves: from here, exactly from Lido Da Alessandro, you can also leave for an excursion suitable for everyone, the boat tour lasts 2 hours and takes place on board the so-called “gozzi”.

. Right on the coast there are also two water parks, Isola Verde and Aquafarm. And then here you will be able to taste the real buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP !

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 65.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Naples from € 10.00 – check the offers

6 – Molise: Termoli, Campomarino
The most underrated region of Italy and low cost destination par excellence . Yet, in Molise there are extraordinary pearls to discover.
Termoli is the main center of the region , with the Costa dei Trabocchi characterized by these buildings on the sea, the Trabocchi, typical of the area. Sant’Antonio beach is perhaps the most famous coast of the whole area. Always loved for its strategic position, Termoli is today the most popular tourist destination in Molise.
Campomarino represents a very popular and continuously developing tourist destination for the region. The hamlet of Campomarino Lido enjoys a beach of about three kilometers in length. Rich in equipped beaches, but also in long stretches of free beach, the beach is bordered by a pine forest that reaches the mouth of the Saccione stream. The Molise coast is an area of ​​great naturalistic importance awarded the blue flag.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 80.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Pescara (80km) from € 22.00 – check the offers

7 – Lazio: Nettuno
Photo by Stefano.nicolucci. We are close to the capital, so crowding here is on the agenda. Consequently, the availability and prices in the top seaside resorts are also prohibitive . No Lido di Ostia then, or Sabaudia or even worse Ponza and Ventotene.

Nettuno is located a few kilometers from Rome , and a town of 50,000 inhabitants, which has always been known as a spa and holiday resort since the time of the ancient Romans. Today it is a rapidly expanding locality, full of points of interest, and with a historic center built overlooking the sea with the typical houses and the typical alleys of medieval architecture.

A few kilometers away is Anzio, with the Spiaggia dei Gigli: a free sandy beach, with no establishments or restaurants, just lots of greenery and an integrity of fauna and flora to be admired. Its sand is golden and is home to dunes up to twenty meters high.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 90.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Rome (60km) from € 43.00 – check the offers

8 – Abruzzo: Vasto, Ortona, Martinsicuro
Photo by Raboe001. Abruzzo is not exactly the most sought after region for summer holidays by the sea. In fact, the region favors village tourism, where it definitely excels. This allows for sustainable prices even in August in coastal locations that still offer a range of excellent services and solutions.

Vasto Marina is a seaside resort characterized by a soft sandy beach that is very wide and several kilometers long. Its shape, seen from above, recalls that of a half moon and is located within a natural gulf. The clear, calm and shallow waters, the wide sandy beach and the warm welcome make it aperfect destination for a pleasant family vacation .

Ortona one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Theatine coast . After a first stretch of wide and sandy beach to the north (Foro, Lido Riccio and Lido dei Saraceni), the coast changes its appearance and becomes a succession of inlets, bays, cliffs and promontories overlooking the sea with a rich Mediterranean vegetation. This is where the suggestive “Costa dei Trabocchi” begins.

Martinsicuro is a small maritime town that hosts a large white sand beach. In fact, it is bordered by the promenade on which there is no shortage of beaches, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, equipment rentals and various bathing services. In 15 minutes you can reach Alba Adriatica and in about an hour Pescara.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 95.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Pescara from € 22.00 – check the offers

9 – Marche: Fano, Ancona, Civitanova Marche

The coast of the Marche is stormed in the summer , thanks also to localities that act as a driving force for the whole region. Above all, San Benedetto del Tronto, certainly not a low cost destination especially in August, as well as Porto Recanati and Senigallia.
To tell the truth, even at these latitudes of Italy it is difficult to find low cost solutions. However, localities such as Fano, Ancona and Civitanova Marche are certainly more accessible than the more famous “sisters”.

Fano and the blue flag of the Marche: the beaches of the Torrette, Sassonia and that of the Seagulls are excellences of the region. It is also located almost on the edge of the Romagna coast, so for an evening trip to Cattolica or Riccione, it takes less than 50 km!
Capital of the Marche region, Ancona is famous for its coasts and its cultural beauties . Here you can find unique places such as the Passetto, a green park overlooking the sea that also becomes a place for nightlife and events of all kinds, and the Conero Park , famous for combining sea, hills and medieval villages. The Conero coast is also the place where the beach of the two sisters is located, awarded with the blue flag.
Finally, in Civitanova Marche there is a blue flag promenade, ideal for families, from that of Porto Sant’Elpidio to the southern Lungomare. Along the coast there are also water parks and wilder stretches for those who love snorkeling and diving.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 83.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Ancona from € 19.00 – check the offers

10 – Emilia Romagna: Cervia, Bellaria Igea Marina
Let’s start from an assumption: the Riviera Romagnola in August is by no means low cost , least of all in August. However, it might be worth spending a few hundred euros more to enjoy the tourist offer of the Riviera: lidos, beaches, water parks, nightlife. Of course, if you really want to go to Rimini, Riccione or Milano Marittima, then the budget goes up drastically. But some neighboring towns manage to hold their ground and offer, all in all, affordable prices compared to their neighbors.
Cervia for example and a few kilometers from Milano Marittima, yet you can already save about € 25.00 per night, which in a week are already numbers. And certainly, in a handful of km you won’t change much in terms of beach and services.
The same goes for Bellaria Igea Marina, a few kilometers from Rimini and Riccione , yet with a saving of around € 30.00 per night here too. Also in this case then, Igea Marina has a wonderful, very clean beach, with exceptional services designed especially for families. And for the nightlife, car or taxi and in 15 minutes you will be in Rimini or Cesenatico!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 100.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Bologna from € 37.00 – check the offers

11 – Albania: Dhermi, Saranda
Albania has always been a low cost destination and remains so even in summer ! It is in fact possible to find many offers regarding accommodation, while it is advisable to buy the flight in advance. But even by booking a few weeks in advance you can find offers under € 100.00 return to the capital Tirana. This is because Albania is not yet part of the mass tourism routes , thus finding prices that are always very affordable and lower than the Italian ones.
There are numerous seaside resorts, including Dhermi and Saranda, which are located in the southernmost part of the country.

Dhermi is a resort with one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Albanian coast: white beaches and crystal clear water and, above all, never too crowded, ideal for those seeking relaxation and a beautiful Caribbean sea! The town itself is a small pearl surrounded by rocks, which is absolutely worth a visit. Mid-August accommodation from € 70.00 per night.
Saranda is located further south of Dhermi and is a wonderful place that extends over a bay, on one side the beaches, on the other hills full of olive groves . Characterized by wonderful equipped beaches and also a lively nightlife! Here you will find great offers, starting from € 30.00 per night!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 70.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Tirana from € 90.00 – check the offers

12 – Montenegro: Cetinje, Budua, Kotor
Montenegro, a country in the Balkan area, is a perfect low cost destination throughout the year, even in the summer . Here the biggest expense that you will have to bear is probably the flight, but if booked in time it is possible to find numerous offers.
It is an ideal destination for visiting cities and history. Although the coast is really long, the beaches characterized by crystal clear sea are not many. If, on the other hand, you are organizing a trip that combines sea and relaxation with visits and history, then this is the right destination for you !
Among the places to visit there is certainly Cetinje, the ancient royal capital of the country. Visited for its architecture and for its Monastery, one of the main attractions. Here the prices in August start from € 40.00 per night.

Budva is a seaside resort that combines relaxation, sea and nightlife ! Characterized by beaches with both golden sand and rocks, it has a wonderful historic center and a lively nightlife. Ideal destination especially for young people, the costs per night start from € 25.00.
Finally Kotor, a fortified town located on a bay . Mostly visited for its medieval historic center, history and many churches. It is also a perfect starting point for exploring the surroundings.

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 40.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Podgorica from € 110.00 – check the offers

13 – Malta
Malta in the summer season and especially in August is besieged by tourists , but despite this it is still possible to find offers both on flights, thanks to the low cost airline Ryanair that arrives at Malta International Airport in Luqa, and for accommodation , especially if you choose local apartments and b & bs. It is a destination that everyone can agree on : those looking for beach life, those looking for nightlife, those who want to experience their days full of culture and also for those who love nature, visiting dream places such as Blue Lagoon, Lagoon of Crystal and Sea Caves!
If you are looking for nightlife and entertainment during the day, the places with the most tourist turnout are the San Julian area. This is also one of the most expensive areas: a night in August starts at € 90.00. But there are many hostels that allow you to save! If you are looking for something more peaceful, prefer places like Valletta , with costs starting from € 70.00 per night for an apartment, which therefore offers even greater freedom and the possibility of saving!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 90.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Luqa from € 45.00 – check the offers

14 – Bulgaria: Burgas, Varna, Sunny Beach
Bulgaria is confirmed as a low cost destination in all seasons ! Still far from mass tourism, it is a perfect destination to combine history and culture with relaxation and entertainment, also thanks to the many seaside resorts, with a not too high budget! However, this will greatly affect the expense and cost of the direct flight to Burgas, one of the main locations, so the best solution is to book as soon as possible.
Burgas is the ideal starting pointto explore the entire Bulgarian coast! Between history, culture and nature, in the summer there are also many festivals that entertain locals and tourists, such as the Sandfest, a festival in which huge sculptures made only with sand are built inside the Sea Garden. Prices in mid-August from € 60.00 per night.

Varna is called the pearl of the Black Sea and is located near many wonderful beaches, which you can explore thanks to the Black Sea cruise, and smaller characteristic villages. It is also one of the most important social and cultural centers of the Balkans, an ideal destination if you want to visit important sites and museums as well as the sea, such as its archaeological museum! Cost per night from € 50.00.
In the end,Sunny Beach is ideal for young people thanks to its lively nightlife ! The ingredients of a holiday here are in fact sun, fun and disco parties. If you want to live an adrenalin-pumping experience, take part in a jeep tour to explore the area!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 60.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Burgas from € 180.00 – check the offers

15 – Croatia: Zadar, Pula, Pag
Croatia is generally a low cost destination but in summer the prices increase a lot, as well as the tourist turnout ! So, especially in August, it is not always easy to find great prices, the advice is to book as soon as possible. In fact, being close to the Triveneto, it is a very popular destination for summer holidays , also thanks to the wonderful sea, the many beaches both equipped and free and the cities rich in history and culture!
Very close to Italy are Pula and Pag. Pag is renowned for being a young destination, with disco parties that go on all night until dawn. In fact, it is chosen by many young people as a mature trip or from here they want to enjoy a holiday made up of little sleep and lots of fun. Costs in mid-August from € 70.00 per night.

Pula, on the other hand, is a quieter destination , preferred especially by families. It is also the ideal starting point to discover all the other towns in the area and to enjoy a few days of relaxation, if you want to live a unique experience, take a sunset cruise to spot dolphins! If you want to experience nature, and discover magnificent places, take part in the kayak tour. For one night the rates start from € 50.00.
Finally there is Zara, which in addition to the sea is renowned for its history and the treasures kept in the city, like the ancient walls, the Roman and Venetian baths and the many churches. Therefore ideal for those who are looking for culture and history as well as the sea, with interesting museums to visit. Take advantage of a sailing trip to discover the nearby Kornati Islands and enjoy a total day of relaxation!

  • Where to sleep: hotels and b & b from € 70.00 per night – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: flights to Zadar from € 160.00 – check the offers
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