The V-16 emergency light will be mandatory from the year 2026 and from next July 1 it can be used when necessary on our journeys. The classic emergency triangles of a lifetime will be replaced by these lights, so it is advisable to get hold of them as soon as possible.
These accessories allow signaling the vehicle without having to get off it. For this reason, the V-16 emergency lights have to meet the approval criteria required by the General Directorate of Traffic. Within this type of accessories and with these guidelines there are various types that vary in price and some other additional feature.
Thus, we take a tour of the best approved emergency lights available on the market, so that you can make use of this device before it becomes mandatory in 2026.

Motorkit High luminance approved Magnetic LED Emergency Light (V16)

We start our list with This approved LED light that allows its use even in rain or snow since it has an IP54 certificate.These lights are indicated for the signaling of both vehicles and motorcycles, it is placed in just 30 seconds and is turned on from the same vehicle. It can be purchased at a price of 15.90 euros.

Anzid Emergency Light for Car Motorcycle Light Emergency Beacon Light Rechargeable Emergency Car V16
Available in black, this emergency light is the best seller on the Amazon company sales portal. It works with a 9 V alkaline battery and has a 3-in-1 function: camping light + flashing warning light + emergency flashlight. In addition, it is easily fixed to the roof of our vehicle without damaging its paint.Its protection design is made to avoid battery polarity inversion.

HELP FLASH HFAA-01 Standard Autonomous Emergency Light Signal V16 for Warning of Danger

Another of the best-selling emergency lights from the Amazon company. With a discount of 12%, its final price is 20.48 eurosand it is one of the most complete accessories in this category. Your purchase includes the emergency light, a flashing beacon and a flashlight in case its use is necessary. It has a fixed 360º white light with 5 hours of autonomy and another light, both flashing, with more than 2 hours of autonomy. In an emergency situation it is connected without the need for switches or cables.

iWotto E light – Car Emergency Light + Frontal Light Flashlight – Signal V16 Intense Emergency Light, Car Accessory Emergency Beacon approved and authorized by DGT

The visibility of this device has a radius of action of up to 1 km and 360º which highlights the position of the vehicle. It has IP54 approval, so it can be used withrain, wind or dust.It has powerful magnets that prevent slipping and has up to 2.5 hours of autonomy. Its price €15.90.

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