When human beings lived together in small communities, it was not necessary to identify with the use of surnames. However, already in the Middle Ages it became necessary to identify people with their origin , their profession or their family, because the cities began to become larger.
Many are the people who still keep the names of cities or towns as surnames . This is due to the fact that the first surnames were placed according to the place of origin . But the first records of surnames in our country date back to the end of the 9th century, when the nobles acquired them from the name of the parent or another predecessor.
Over the decades, this fact ceased to occur only for the noble classes and was transferred in the same way to all other people. Although it was not until 1870 when our surname system was legally adopted in Spain , maintaining the tradition of adopting two surnames: that of the father and that of the mother.

In which area of ​​Spain is your last name most common

Despite the number of surnames in Spain , it is well known that some are much more common than others. In addition, some of our surnames occur more in certain areas of our territory, something that is normally linked to the place of origin of the same.
Like names, there are surnames that predominate in each autonomous community and others that are distributed practically equally among all regions.

Most common surnames in Andalusia

The surnames most registered in our autonomous community according to the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia are, in order:
If you want to check where in Spain there are people with your same surname, you can check it through the map of surnames on the page mapadeapellidos.eu. In it you can see both the areas in which a surname is present and the approximate number of people who have it.
In addition to being able to see this data in Spain , this website also allows us to see other countries such as: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Ireland or Romania.

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