Lisbon is the colorful capital of Portugal , full of events and life. Although Lisbon has good weather all year round , it is not always a good time to travel to Lisbon. Some periods are very expensive, others very crowded, still others quite rainy. So when is it better to go to Lisbon
Find out about the climate, periods, events and much more below!

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
Month Average Temperature Rainy Days January 11 ° C 11
February 12 ° C 11
March 14 ° C 8
April 15 ° C 7
May 17 ° C 7
June 20 ° C 2
July 23 ° C 1
August 23 ° C 1
September 21 ° C 4
October 18 ° C 7
November 13 ° C 9
December 11 ° C 11

  • Best period : Lisbon is always enjoyable, but the best time to enjoy the sea and excursions in the surrounding area is also from late spring to early autumn (early May-early October), possibly avoiding July and August due to excessive heat and crowds of tourists
  • Period to avoid : late autumn and winter (November-March). Although mild, it limits the possibilities to enjoy the city and outdoor activities. However, the Christmas season is very beautiful

Lisbon extends over a hilly area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean which, with its currents, influences its Mediterranean-type climate . Lisbon enjoys generally high or mild temperatures, it does not know the harsh winter cold characteristic of many European cities, but sees frequent rains during all seasons except summer . Specifically, winter and spring are the rainiest periods, but in any case with mild temperatures, summer is hot, sunny and dry, while autumn is initially hot and gradually becomes mild and rainy as the months approach winter. The best time to go to Lisbon is from April to September, but better to avoid July and August if you don’t want to run into excessive summer heat.

When to go to Lisbon: the cheapest period

The cheapest month to go to Lisbon is absolutely November , but also March is not too expensive. These two months represent the low season of Lisbon, as the city offers fewer events and the climate is a bit unstable, therefore it is less crowded and the prices of flights and accommodation go down. But don’t expect a bustling city like in the summer months or like during the Christmas holidays.

Lisbon in Spring
In spring Lisbon is perfect to be visited, even better if it is April and May when the rains are now scarce, the temperatures are pleasant and not too high and the days are long and sunny. With such days, a visit to the Castle of San Giorgio and the Belem Tower is a must , from whose peaks you can enjoy a spectacular view of the ocean and the colorful buildings of the Old City . In the evening, however, do not miss the Bairro Alto district , which has always been known as the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife, but if you are a music lover of all kinds, we remind you of the Belem Music Festival which takes place at the end of April and lasts three days. .

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Lisbon in Summer
Lisbon in summer has very high temperatures but luckily it also enjoys some breath of wind coming from the ocean, so it is better to spend the days on the beach rather than around the city. The closest beaches to Lisbon can be reached in less than 30 minutes, and are Costa de Caparica , a long stretch of golden sand, and Praia de Carcavelos , a white beach where you can go surfing . It must be said, however, that the beaches in summer are always very crowded, moreover in the city center many shops and activities may be closed for holidays. When it comes to nightlife, Lisbon never gets bored in the summer. In fact, in June the Festas de Lisboa begins, which last throughout the summer and include events of all kinds (religious, sporting, musical, artistic, etc.).

Lisbon in Autumn
Photo by Dguendel. Autumn in Lisbon is a mixed season with an uncertain climate, as it begins with the summer heat, continues with mild temperatures and leaves room for winter with the first rains. Rainy days are ideal for visiting some museums. In Lisbon you will find many, and among the main ones we want to point out the National Azulejo Museum , the Water Museum , the Lisbon Oceanarium and the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology .

Lisbon in Winter
If you don’t like the cold, Lisbon in winter can be a valid alternative. During the Christmas period, the city comes alive again, especially on New Year’s Eve , with celebrations, concerts and fireworks. Commerce Square is the main point of celebrations and fireworks displays. Let’s not forget the Carnival , a very heartfelt and inevitably celebrated party due to Brazilian influences.

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How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter : We said that in winter it rains a lot, so don’t miss your waterproof jacket and shoes and an umbrella. The temperatures are not excessively low so you will not need too heavy clothing, just bring a mixed clothing made of sweaters and long-sleeved cotton shirts and you will be ready for both the coldest days and the slightly warmer ones.
  • In summer : In your suitcase, beachwear (swimsuit, flip flops, towel and sunscreen) will be essential, while for the evening you will need tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, shirts and sandals. A light jacket and a pair of long jeans, however, are always useful in case of currents coming from the ocean.
  • In autumn and spring : For these two slightly warm and somewhat rainy seasons, it is advisable to have a bit of everything in your suitcase, that is, a mixed clothing between winter and summer, except obviously beachwear.

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