Victor Palmero (Onda, Castellon, 1989) has spent three seasons (plus the one that is being recorded) at Mirador de Montepinar with the role of Alba. After going through Con el culo al aire or the youth serial Yo Quiero, her performance in the most watched comedy, on Wednesdays on Telecinco, normalizes transsexuality.He continues to be “a real toothache for his fictitious father, Antonio Recio”, a representation of all intransigence.

–How did the call from La que se avecina come about
–I ended up in the series Con el culo al aire and not having anything else from the world of acting, I was working as a waiter. In those I received a call from my representative telling me that the producers of La que se avecina offered me the role of the Recio’s son, who would return to the series turned into a woman. The first impression was a shock at the offer they proposed to me. It gave me some vertigo. I had never done something like this. I thought it was fun and risky. At first it was only going to be for one chapter, but Laura and Alberto Caballero liked that episode a lot and I’m still here four years later.

–The evolution of his character in the series and his share of prominence has been growing gradually. Do you have the same feeling
-Well yes. The truth is that for me it has been amazing. From being a series that I watched with my parents when I was young to suddenly seeing myself in it. Starting to have plots with people like Jordi Sanchez, Jose Luis Gil, Nathalie Sesena was something that I had never considered. It is something fantastic because I did not expect to work with those actors with whom I have laughed so much. I make a character that I see that they like and for me it is a privilege to be part of the team of La que se avecina.

–Being a comedy, the responsible, friendly and daily use that is made of transsexuality through its character is surprising…
–It is appreciated, as it is one of the most watched series in Spain, it is seen by all kinds of people and its messages have a great impact. From Alba’s character, her condition is defended a lot. I think in a way we help normalize the fact that a boy wants to be a girl, or vice versa. Despite the comedic tone of the series, our plural message about gender identity reaches all audiences. It is wonderful and shows that from television comedy we can be of great help.

–During this 11th season Alba has stopped managing El Rinconciti. How will she deal with that loss and the consequent failure in her professional life
–(Laughter) Like every person, every change affects him. And we know that Alba has a special sensitivity to everything that happens around her. I assure you that the rest of the season of La que se avecina is going to be very strong. Alba’s plots will take a turn that no one expects. I’m looking forward to seeing those episodes.

-Her sentimental relationship with Enrique Pastor does not go through a great moment as we see…

-Indeed. In these first chapters that we have seen they have spent all the time arguing. In fact, it is a relationship that is lasting quite a bit for what we are used to. Alba, who accumulates a boyfriend per season. You will have to be attentive to future episodes of the series to see if it is solved or not.

–The expected normalization of the father-son relationship between Alba and Antonio Recio, do you have any surprises in store for us this season

–I think that viewers love the discussions that take place between the father and the daughter. There may be some improvement with the passing of the chapters, but those messes will continue to be part of the plots of the series.

–How is his relationship with Jordi Sanchez, Recio, when the lights go out

–Jordi is a huge actor, as we can see from his work. My relationship with him in fiction is complicated but in real life, since he couldn’t be any other way with someone like him, it’s fantastic.

–How does the team handle the reception of the premiere episodes of a series, which follows daily on channels such as FDF or Comedy Central
We are very happy and grateful to our fans. We feared the return, because during 2018 no premiere chapter had been broadcast. More than 400 days had passed since the last chapter of the tenth season. It could have been received coldly and it has not been.

-Now the competition is wider than ever.
-Of course, taking into account that we are in the era of streaming, Netflix, HBO and with the number of series that have been released without large audience shares, we are lucky to bring together more than two and a half million people every Wednesday. . It’s a luck and a pass. I want to thank all the people who follow us, because there is a lot of affection towards our characters. Currently, many changes are taking place in television consumption that are affecting the series and La que se avecina is still going strong.

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