There is a concept contrary to paranoia and it is pronoia,  where the person always feels that the universe conspires at all times (and secretly) for their benefit. In theory, pronoia is a neologism, defined as the opposite state of mind to paranoia, where the individual has a hunch that the world works to help them.

Does the universe conspire in my favor?

Personally, I feel pronoia as a state of vibration, because when you align yourself with high caliber futures, realities and energies, you literally tune in to events, people and situations on the same level and therefore you have the feeling, and it is literally , that everything always works in your favor, in full synchrony and harmony with the laws, dynamics, and energetic processes of life.

In any case, since 1982, with its first appearance as a public concept, pronoia has taken its place within the social language, and where something that was once simply an optimistic way of going through life has now been given a clinical name. , and some have even thought that it could become a psychological disorder that should be treated.

In general, many of us think that if circumstances and everything turn in our favor, it is because we are aligned with greater forces of Creation that facilitate the manifestation of these high vibrational states . This is when one seems to have symptoms (which are what for sure, at some point, the pharmaceutical companies will want us to treat ourselves with drugs) of sudden attacks of optimism and increases of good will. Quite a problem for the system, really, because it is not going to be that we really believe that things can go as well as we are perceiving and seeing materialized, and we are going to get used to being in that state.

Even the Greek classics practiced it

In any case, the topic comes from afar, since centuries ago, our ancestors knew of the power of aligning with the forces that govern life and nature. The Greeks, for example, had a word – Kosmos – to refer to the ordered totality of existence, a totality that included the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual worlds. From his point of view, the ultimate reality was not so much the cosmos (the strictly physical dimension, our 3D universe, the space-time reality that we know) as the Kosmos (with K, which includes the non-physical dimensions, everything emotional , mental and spiritual levels and higher planes of existence).

The Kosmos, then, did not refer only to inanimate and insensible matter, but to the living totality composed of matter, body, mind, soul and spirit. If there must be an authentic alignment with life, it must not focus exclusively on the knowledge and understanding of the cosmos, but of the Kosmos, as a whole, otherwise there is no way to explain why pronoia really exists, and why it is as real as it seems. is anything else.

What happens is that modern society has ended up reducing the Kosmos to the cosmos, the totality composed of matter, body, mind, soul and spirit to pure and hard solid matter, as the only reference of what is valid and real, until the end. point that, in the dull and bland world of scientific materialism, we close ourselves off to the idea that there can really be a way to align and connect with a universe beyond the physical plane, and live and enjoy its laws and its invisible dynamics. , which means that, literally, if you plug into them, they constantly conspire in your favor.

Living in pronoia

To ridicule this aspect, the concept of pronoia seems to be in complete opposition to the world we are in. It is not new, but it is subversive to the established system, which ensures that we do not find out in any way about the wonderful existence of everything that we do not see with our eyes. And, how do you live in pronoia? Well, it only requires that one connect to the flow of life in its highest expression: through the energies of happiness, laughter, love, empathy , cooperation and mutual collaboration, and that happens when we let of living from the “survival” mode, getting out of fear and separation to connect with the “enjoy the moment” mode.

Pronoia, in oneself, is tremendously easy to demonstrate, and, in general, we do not care if others believe us or not when we assure them that life seems to conspire in our favor at certain moments of our passage through this plane. Simply, when the human being is centered in a certain state of existence, that is, when we live around a certain level of consciousness, our entire physical, energetic, psychological world, our feelings, motivations, ethics, values, our belief system, our vision about the reality in which we exist, is in line with the highest levels of reality possible within our planet (obviously, bounded by the macro reality of the system under which we exist,

The two sides of the pendulum

When this happens, the Universe conspires in my favor, and gives us total freedom. We can live from paranoia or from pronoia, or in any intermediate state depending on whether the pendulum of our reality swings from one side to another. Right now, because of the media, we’re in a scenario where there are a lot of scenes from one side, but we all have lots of opportunities to experience the other side. The universe conspires to give us what we choose or what we focus on: if we are pessimistic, it will give us more experiences and events in that sense.

If we choose optimism, we will begin to see our light and that which is all around us, we will always know that we are part of the whole of everything that exists, and this will allow us to be from the most divine and primordial part that defines us.

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