Health and economic crisis, butBlack Friday 2020 there will be. This day of internet offers changes its day every year and is celebrated on the last Friday of November, so Black Friday 2020 is Friday, November 27.That is the day for fans of internet shopping to ‘throw’ into online stores to enjoy incredible discounts.
This year it is assumed that Black Friday will be an atypical day where several studies have stated that people will go in search of offers but without losing their minds or their wallets along the way. The health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it another economic crisis that means that society has to tighten its belt and save its savingsfor more important things than a pair of shoes or pants.
As usual, businesses talk about Black Friday but the offers will be available to customers throughout the weekend . For many, this day is a safe-conduct to avoid the long queues that form at Christmas that is just around the corner. Others mark it in red on the calendar and, like eclipses, renew their wardrobe in 24 hours and are not seen in a store for years.
Be that as it may, Black Friday is a day in which you can enjoy a day of shopping with very affordable prices. In addition, due to the current situation in the country, many businesses have decided to advance their sales so that many will be able to enjoy them even before the starting gun. Proof of this is Amazon with its “Prime Day” or El Corte Ingles with its last campaign “premiere 15” where it offered a gift voucher with a 15% discount on purchases.
Finally, the population’s fear of possible contagion will make this Black Friday 2020 entirely digital . Many people have already downloaded the applications of the different establishments and large platforms and are waiting for the notifications that arrive with the most demanded offers.

Black Friday: What is its origin

Black Friday literally means black Friday and has its origin in the United States. It is celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, that is, the last of November, where offers and great discounts are the protagonists. This celebration has crossed borders and has become a real claim in half the world as the start of Christmas shopping.
The origin of the term seems to go back to the city of Philadelphia in the 1950s .and that it was the local police who began to use it in a derogatory way, since the city became chaotic the day after Thanksgiving, due to the avalanche of people who came to watch the football game between the two great academies military, which took place that Saturday. Many years passed before the term became popular throughout the country.
An attempt was made to change its name and turn it into Big Friday to soften those negative connotations, but it was unsuccessful.
Another theory quite close to the first hypothesis is the one that ensures that it was not until November 19, 1975, the day on which the New York Times first coined the adjective “black” to refer to the traffic chaos that had occurred in New York City that year due to the post-Thanksgiving day sales.
Very widespread is the story that explains that Black Friday has to do with the role of small businesses in the market. Tradition assures that, after a whole year of losses (that is, red numbers ), finally, after Thanksgiving, the Christmas season arrived, the day from which the benefits began , and with them, instead of red numbers, ” black numbers ” were produced.

Economic crisis
A third theory affirms that the first use of the term Black Friday was given, not to refer to Christmas shopping, but in relation to an economic crisis: on Friday, September 24, 1869, two Wall Street financiers , Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, after an intense work to achieve great profits, failed in their endeavor, and the market went bankrupt . For this reason, that day was named “Black Friday”.

The ‘Good End’ in Mexico
For a long time, Canadian merchants were the envy of their American colleagues, especially when their customers traveled south in search of good deals. So in Canada they started offering their own Black Friday sales, even though Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada a month earlier.
And in Mexico , “Black Friday” is called “Buen Fin” and is associated with the anniversary of the 1910 revolution in Mexico, which sometimes coincides with Thanksgiving Day in the United States , and is celebrated during a whole weekend.
in brazil, where the Thanksgiving holiday does not exist, “Black Friday” became included in the country’s commercial calendar when merchants realized the sales potential of the day.

Santa Claus, the predecessor of Black Friday

For many Americans, the Thanksgiving Day parade organized by the Macy’s department store has become part of the ritual of this holiday. However, this event was inspired by the Canadian store Eaton’s , which held the first Santa Claus parade on December 2, 1905.
When Santa appeared at the end of the parade, it was a sign that the holiday season had begun.and, in turn, the shopping race. Other malls, such as Macy’s, inspired by the parade, began to hold similar events in the United States, and in 1924, New York saw for the first time the Macy’s parade with animals from the Central Park Zoo entirely organized by store workers. .

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